So I’ve been told the syphilis party is still ongoing and got me in on some of that action (I’m hoping this link works, for me it’s broken but I seem to be the only one). You know, after his blog deciding that it simply hated me and wouldn’t let me access it! So, we have:

“Okay … your topic … from your blog, it has to be: vanity pets. Truthfully, I’ve never quite ‘got’ them – what’s the appeal? If you could only keep three, which three would it be, and why? And, finally, which were the most exciting to acquire?”

The Appeal

I want to go off on a tangent and talk about my first vanity pets actually because I suppose this is where the appeal begins for me. When I first started playing I didn’t have a clue what they were or the point in them. I should think my first pet was Peanut on my warlock, the first week of Children’s Week in TBC. I loved that little elephant, it was ridiculously cute and I could have it by my side whenever because it didn’t affect dps or anything like that, it was purely cosmetic and I liked that.

The first pet I got on the character I first started collecting on would have probably been the Bombay Cat. I used to have a black cat in real life called Sooty which I loved to bits, so my boyfriend gave me a black cat ingame when he went on a cat sale spree on horde side, which I also called Sooty. Of course, I did farm a while for the Dark Whelpling, so I had one of those thinking it was just the cutest thing. I also had a Snarly, which I did Crocolisks in the City for months for. Originally, the crocs had a much lower drop rate in the fishing bags, so when I finally saw the little blue outlined bucket it was awesome.

I didn’t start collecting however until pets became learnable, attached to your character. This was where the appeal really started because I didn’t have to worry about bag/bank space. That and the 50 pets achievement. There’s something oddly comforting about having a small vanity pet following you around, and some of them are so awesome looking, with interesting animations such as Lil KT, which kills critters. I have been known to sit there and watch their animations when I’ve been particularly bored.

I have 3 characters with collections, my main, Fae, having 95 pets. This I guess is purely from rerolling a lot, as both hunters and my priest have been considered my main in Wrath. In fact, my paladin has 15 purely by accident, pets which have dropped, like Mojo, the account-wide pets like the Monk, or even random pets like the Spirit of Competition, which I wish I had on my hunter instead but she won’t have been max level when these were being given out.

Just Three

The Baby Polar Bear and the Turkey are 2 pets I’ve wanted since I saw their respective models in Dragonblight and Howling Fjord. The Polar Bear itself is so cute I think I would have whined at Blizzard until we got one! I did miss that one when I played on Terenas quite a bit, in fact Zal bought me a Dun Morogh Cub because I wouldn’t stop complaining about my lack of a bear, ha. I still use that when I log into my draenei, I just love bears, ingame and also in real life.

The Turkey, I’m not actually sure where my strange attachment for this pet came from. Everytime I take an alt to Howling Fjord, I have a tendency to find the group of turkeys and kill every single one of them for the achievement. If anything you’d think I’d be happy with their suicidal tendencies, instead you’ll find me threatening to kill whoever put a basic campfire next to my turkey!

The Core Hound Pup is a much much more recent addition, but it has already made itself up to being my favourite vanity pet. To start with, it’s a corehound, it’s going to have an awesome model. It’s cute, and the animations just add to this. I love how it rolls around and jumps about, it’s one of those I can sit there and watch when I’m bored, maybe even a little therapeutic when I’m in a terrible mood.


I don’t want to admit to being geeky enough to be excited by vanity pets but, being a lover of cute fluffy things I have been known to squeal on occasion when acquiring a particularly cute or interesting pet. The first rare pet I got my hands on was… I think the Dark Whelpling. Do you remember the Whelpling Orbs you could get in Blade’s Edge? There was a quest to disguise yourself as a cultist and they had a vendor, which sold a quest item and these orbs. An old guildy was sat in Shattrath as a whelpling and I exploded. When Dan tried to quiet me by telling me there was a pet version I ran off to farm it. I think after a few nights of several hours of farming, one finally dropped and I loved it to bits. These days I think I prefer the Blue Whelpling though.

Next I’d have to say the Hyacinth Macaw, purely because I died inside trying to farm this one. You know the level 40ish pirates just outside of Booty Bay? On the boats and along the beach? Yeah, they have a 1/5000 chance to drop it. I farmed these several hours a day for about 2 months, sometimes with help, and often with comments of, “Still farming that bird?” And yes I gave up, I lost all hope. I kept checking the auction houses though, on the off chance an alt found it and thought it might be worth 50g, and one day I found it for 3000g on the neutral auction house! That made my day, really did.


As usual, I’ve rambled on for long enough. I have 2 more topics to write up and some link love on Sunday, before we go away for the week, 21st-28th. If it snows too hard (which I bloody hope not..) or I can ninja some internet access I might pop on and write a little or at least say hello to twitter, though that’s unlikely I think and I plan to take a few books.