Fishing in the Snow

With it being my birthday tomorrow, also I’ve promised to make a couple of friends some signatures for the guild forum, the posts here will probably be a bit slack for a few days. However, I have a few ideas saved in my drafts ready to go back to when I get the chance. For now, it’s Sunday, and a few observations to be made. In fact, just one and a few of the usual linkages.

Mortigan the Lock has disappeared. I went to check why his feed wasn’t working yesterday, and Blogger told me his blog didn’t exist. I mentioned this on Twitter, to which Syrana replied. If anybody does happen to know the reasons why his blog and twitter account have been deactivated please get in touch.

I’ll be honest, I’ve fallen behind on my reader a little again, though a few posts I really enjoyed reading and would like to share. Syrana’s interview with her parents interested me particularly because I couldn’t imagine either of my parents even considering playing World of Warcraft. My dad’s height of gaming is the Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old online quiz, and my mum, well, I remember her being addicted to lemmings but nothing more than that. So, to read Syrana’s parents talk about WoW was quite nice actually.

Windsoar has been doing a series of posts about raiding in a guild, the 2 which particularly grabbed my attention were those on Lack of Progression and Attracting Bees: Keeping Your Raid Team. Basically, how to deal with your raids as an officer when people just won’t pay attention and do what everybody else is doing.

Ophelie at Bossy Pally has also had several interesting posts the past week. I loved Sorry Guys, I Gotta Go, Have a Raid in 30 Minutes because it reminded me of my own embarrassment towards my WoW playing when it comes to the general public. If I meet somebody new, or an old friend, I won’t say “I’m a WoW player,” I say that I enjoy playing games like Guitar Hero and some online games.  Also, go set up your combat logs to the illiterate arrogant bastard setting.

Lodur, one of the few writers at World of Matticus, comments on the Return of the Truly Legendary Items. Though it is more featured on how unlegendary TBC legendaries felt, and how in Wrath, legendaries feels as much so as they did in vanilla, it still features the lore behind each legendary available ingame, and ties in quite nicely with my lore behind the legendary posts, which I will still be continuing with. It is a very interesting read.

Lassirra at The Hunter’s Mark gives us 20 Signs You Might Be a Huntard. Not only was it amusing, but it has some truth behind it too.

Last but not least, I don’t usually link to web comics in this post because they’re all awesome and it’d take too much space, but, how many times have you tried to do your dailies and not realised that you’re still in a raid? Take a look at the latest Daily Quests.

I’d also like to add that the moment it hit midnight last night, my hunter became a blood elf again. I much prefer it this way, though that’s a thought for another post, another day. I feel massively guilty for wasting so much money, especially this time of year, though I felt much worse not wanting to log into my character. So, feeling much more comfortable with my character, time to continue with Loremaster.