noseyturkeyI took a few days off checking my reader because of a measly little birthday and patch happens, and it (my reader) becomes inundated with “omg how awesome!” Which given, you’re right, 3.3 was really fun and still is, the random dungeon feature has made pugging so much easier and I love it, did a couple of instance runs on my 73 warlock last night and they were fun. I fear soon people will get bored of it and the queues will become larger, but hey, it’s still much much better than the old LFG system. Anyway, some Sunday link love, which I know is getting longer but it’s getting harder to say to myself “no, don’t link that one, it’s not as good as the others” because that simply isn’t true.

Link Love for Angry Alt may be a little delayed, but once I found this post I had to share it because oh my God yes, I completely agree with you. Random invites and general rudeness does my head in. “Want to join for [instance]?” “Yeah sure” “Would you mind healing please?” Will get a much better response than spamming the invite button or even “HEAL PLX?!”

Vas’s post over at Daily Quests about Tirion Fordring, really got me thinking. This whole.. Lich King / Champion of the Light thing is pretty deep, the idea brought forth in Halls of Reflection did make me think, Azeroth needs a Lich King, so who will take over once Arthas is defeated? The idea that there also needs to be a Champion of the Light as well… Don’t think TL;DR, go read it.

I have found a few great warlock posts this week, the first of which is how to not suck at destruction. Okay, so, Saresa came up with a better sounding name but this spells out exactly what the post is about. I respecced my warlock to destruction last night and this guide is going to be awesome when I finally get around to finishing those last 6 levels.

The other being a post over at Fel Fire, how to gear your lock in 3.3. Going through each of the new items, and comparing them to see which is the best to aim for. Not only are these posts useful for my alting, but also a friend who has come back to the game after a long break, I’ve been looking out for useful posts for him and these two are perfect.

In fact, another friend has decided to come back to the game after a very long break, you may know him as the one who fixes my technical problems and hosts my blog. While browsing for decent disc priest blogs, I found an awesome one: Penance Priest.

A few short boss explanations for the Frozen Halls at Almost Evil, useful for those of you who may not have run the new 5 mans yet, or may still be unsure on the tactics for each one.

I absolutely loved the lore for dummies post at Crooks and Nannies. It is pretty thorough and covers a few things I was actually curious about, glad to finally know the answers. This is also a new blog to the scene and in my opinion looks to be promising, I’m looking forward to more posts!

flying kodo of doom

I’ve found in the past that my UIs have been cluttered, awkward, full of pointless mods while raiding and so on. I’ve finally tidied up my UI and installed Addon Control Panel to easily switch off pointless mods like NPCScan for raids without having to relog. Eidotrope of OutDPS has written an awesomely detailed post to help you design your UI to be effective for endgame DPS.

A very important post for hunters this week at Stabilized Effort Scope, and no, it’s not the whine about the specifications for getting the new ammo (which by the way: grr), it’s detailing the procs of Deathbringer’s Will for each class, and a few thoughts on why this is better for hunters than other classes. By no means saying that it should go to the hunters before anybody else, it’s just interesting to know.

Finally, this list of pop cultures references in WoW over at WoWWiki is not a blog but interesting nonetheless. For example, Professor Finklestein in Zul’drak, a part of the Pa’troll daily, it never dawned on me that he was designed after the doctor in Nightmare Before Christmas who made Sally!

PS. I don’t know how that druid bugged that, but o.m.g that flying kodo looks insanely awesome and I couldn’t resist adding the screenshot here!