My original plan to leave you with a couple of queued posts while I was away isn’t looking likely now on account of my being way too tired to think. Need to pack, might take something other than a few Warcraft books incase I change my mind when I sit down to read, pick a few CDs, DVDs, Dragon Age is going. Make sure random important things liiike phone ch- yeah anyway you guys don’t care, sleepy Jae gets a bit more rambly than usual. My point is I might spend the day on Loremaster rather than a post which will come out as a rambly mess. Might queue up something small for Christmas day, though, don’t expect too much. A quick bit of link love!

Now, one blogger who has had an impact on me this week is Tam. This is because whenever I try to access Righteous Orbs, I’m redirected to the Apache Test Center or something! I’m very technologically illiterate (although I couldn’t survive without my sat nav) and didn’t and still don’t have a clue what that means. Thankfully, I can still read Righteous Orbs in my reader, and for those of you who can access it, go Looking for Goats.

A few hunter strats for ICC wich I’ve found to be pretty useful. First of all, OutDPS has the brief overview of all 4 bosses. Frostheim has put more detail into Lord Marrowgar, Lady Deathwhisper, and Gunship Battle strats. By the way, couldn’t help but mention: OMGBEARROCKETBUTT!

In the week I’ve been working on my 3.3 gear list, I’ll admit I need to have another look over it and I will be updating it again when we have a full loot table for Icecrown BUT let’s just say Rilgon is much better at these things than me.

For those of you who haven’t yet finished the Merrymaker achievement, /hug and Mend Pet have reposted their guides from last year which are both equally as awesome as each other.

The lovely Elsen has written a post about guilds. Her advice about being happy in your guild echoes my own opinions and I urge you to read it, especially if you’re unsure about your guild at the moment.

Ophelie went looking for fail, and found nothing but friendliness and easy PUGs, the opposite of ‘when it rains’ eh? 😉

As I’ve been saying, I might have internet access in Wales, but I’m not counting on it and stashing up on books, DVDs and games, because Christmas is oh so fun! I probably won’t be blogging while I’m out there, but I am bouncing up and down for this Secret Santa exchange, and we’re planning to leave on the 27th I think Dan said, so will be home by the Sunday evening *touch wood* (and Steel: I’m going to be WAY too tired to raid that night, driving makes me cranky).

Merry Christmas!