Kneel before him.

Zod's Repeating Bow

Note: Read the comments for some more information!

So far, it appears to be the best ranged weapon ingame, for the time being at least until hardmodes unlock. I was lucky enough for it to not only drop, but I won it. So I thought I’d throw some numbers and screenshots at you.


This I’m assuming is the proc (Your ranged attacks have a 4% chance to cause you to instantly attack with this weapon for 50% weapon damage.) When compared to the other damaging attacks in the list, it’s the only one I didn’t recognise. 24,000 damage is quite nice, in my opinion, the hits and crits are decentish too. They could be a little more impressive but I’m not complaining, and the damage, speed and dps on the weapon itself are well worth it too. That and it looks like Frank.

For those of you who missed the link in yesterday’s post, Zod’s Repeating Longbow.

Anybody have any real numbers on how good this weapon is compared to say Death’s Head Crossbow from TotGC25?


I also had to share this smexy looking moocow with you.