The relationships we have with our characters. Are they just pixels? Or do we feel more of an attachment to them? And is it right that others should treat us as just avatars?

I personally get quite attached to my characters. A very good example is Fae’s orc race change. I did it because I wanted a change, I was bored of looking at my character screen and seeing a pile of blood elves, so I decided orc. Nice racials and they do look cool in Fae’s gear. The problem is, I convinced myself it was the right thing to do rather than actually thinking about it. For those 3 days I barely played my character, when I did it was because I was asked to relog. She wasn’t Fae anymore, as awesome as she looked, I missed Fae the blood elf and on top of that, I felt really guilty for wasting all of that money.

In the same breath, if I don’t particularly like a character, I won’t grow attached to it. Take my warlock. I made her pre-TBC, so the only horde races she could be were orc or undead. I chose the one which looked most.. “normal” in my eyes, the undead. As I saw more and more blood elves running around, including my own, I couldn’t like her. That along with at the time I didn’t enjoy the warlock class, and I felt pretty stupid that I couldn’t dps on her. So, as you all know I assume, I switched her to blood elf after reaching 80, threw a name change at her too, and now I have an attachment to her.

Don’t get me wrong though, although I have an army of blood elves, they aren’t my favourite race. That’s purely because I’ve always played horde on Vashj-EU, because of the people there. When on Terenas, I play alliance. Alliance have humans, night elves, and draenei. I absolutely love draenei, I just hate their starting zone and it’s a struggle for me to get much further than level 8. There’s something about alliance I like, their races are better, in my opinion, their mounts are better, even their cities and starting zones are, in general, better. I’ve just always played horde and this is where my odd attachment to cows, Orgrimmar, and wolf mounts comes in.

At the end of the day though, aren’t they just pixels? Well yes. They are, of course. We as gamers put so much time and effort into our characters that sometimes it feels as though they aren’t just pixels, but they are. I’ve never played on an RP realm before, and I don’t really know what it’s like to. I’ve heard they aren’t as full of RP as you might expect, but the RPers out there, I’ll assume, have a little more of an attachment to their characters. Not only do they gear them, get achievements, collect mounts and pets, they have a backstory, making the characters just a little more real. I’ve always considered creating backstories for my characters, but aside from putting them here they’d go to waste.

Sometimes you might notice people will treat you as just another avatar. If you have less than 5k gear score, and barely any raid achievements, then you obviously don’t deserve to be treated like a person playing a game, but just a bunch of pixels, right? In my opinion, some people need to remember that there are people behind the avatars, and sometimes people are hurt by being treated this way.