So this post may mostly be a chance for me to show off how much patience I have, but I am actually quite proud of myself for finishing both of these. You can see how long they took me to do, though most of the time was because I could not find Loque’nahak. I even found Skoll before I found Loque’nahak! Admittedly, it’s nice having a spirit beast in the stable, and an awesome looking one at that. I struggled a little to find the Draenei who patrols the path in Terrokar. I got lucky with Vyragosa, the blue dragon in Storm Peaks, who is on the same path as the Time-Lost Proto Drake, which is still farmed at all hours. I caught her as she spawned at about 4am. Loque’nahak.. I’m sure I couldn’t find him because I’m a hunter, in fact, I was on my warlock when I found it. Luckily, Fae was logged out on the spot I found it. It was awesome finally grabbing the achievement though.

How did I do it? You ask. Well… Checking Wowhead for patrol areas of rares, using filters. NPCScan, and Overlay. Whilst tracking Bloody Rare/Frostbitten. That and a lot of patience. I checked each zone every other hour, finding after midnight to be the easiest time to find them, because there are less people around at this time.