I was running around Dalaran last night, desperately trying to find where you get the lights to light up Dalaran. I realised though it’s been littleover a year since I first discovered that little easter egg, when I ran into every shop, checked every vendor and what they sold, every little nook and cranny. I was excited back then, this was a completely new city and it was pretty and I’d just bought a bear mount FINALLY. It felt a little like being a child at Christmas again, you’re given all these new toys to play with and it’s almost magical, but then they force you to eat Christmas dinner instead. Now, in my analogy, Santa is Rhonin and Christmas dinner is levelling to 80 and raiding before you had chance to check out the 5 mans. In fact! I remember this quite clearly.

I had to go back to work after taking a long weekend. I’d got to about 75 or 76 ish, but it slowed down a lot in the week and everybody I knew got to 80 before I was even 78. They all wanted to do Naxx, and were absolutely adamant I could enter at 78. I got all the way down there and it turned out I couldn’t, wasted so much of my precious levelling time, would have been in Scholazar at this point.

I was levelling with a rhino called Steve, my God I miss that knockback. It was so awesome, such a fuck you from the rhino. I remember being in Storm Peaks at 79 and running out of quests before I’d even got the achievement. Eventually found out I’d missed the chain that started from the dropped item from the dwarves in the north by the stone frost giant, but at this point I didn’t know that, and I was determined to ding without starting any new zones. I dinged 80 at the same time I discovered Storm Peaks and almost immediately was dragged off somewhere, can’t remember if it was for a 10 man raid of some kind, or piles of heroics, but they’d all been semi-waiting for me to help me gear up.

It must have been Utgarde Keep because I remember specifically wanting a new ranged weapon and I refused to get the gun crafted at this point because in my own words, “Ewww guns.” These days I’m less fussy and even then I didn’t say no to the 10 man Kelthuzad gun (Envoy never dropped), but at this point I was determined to stick with bows as much as possible and I wanted the bow from Patchwerk so badly. We farmed Utgarde Keep for a week or so before the crossbow finally dropped. Pinnacle we didn’t start farming until I was on my priest, we didn’t know where the blue proto drake dropped.

I also remember the first toy train set.. Our GM was going insane with that thing. I think that’s what eventually lead me to play WoW with sounds turned off.

Then there were the friends. I’d started talking to a social in guild.. end of TBC/during levelling, and I remember being in Scholazar when she started talking to me properly. Telling me stories about how somebody else in the guild, you know the guy who’s always really quiet, a generally nice guy, everybody loves him? Yeah, apparently he was in love with her. She specifically told me not to tell anybody.. then he started getting a bit creepy, overreacting a lot when she didn’t reply to him immediately, didn’t play with him all the time, things like that and this girl had a boyfriend. It all kept going on.. she claimed he was stalking her. Which was probably true, but she had been sending him naked pictures and leading him on. Clever, eh?

Anyway, that friendship ended after a story involving her e-cheating on her boyfriend, me letting slip that they were going to the same guild meet up to her boyfriend, her exploding at me claiming I’d ruined her life (because of a slip of the tongue, when they ere separated at this point in fact) and blaming me for her attempted suicide. Needless to say that’s one grudge I can’t let go of.

However, at the beginning, we were good friends. I was a hunter and she was an enhancement shaman, so we had to agree with each other over who would take which gear pieces and so on. It was quite friendly, she even named my cat ‘ChairmanMeow’.

I do miss the first month or so of Wrath. There was hardly any arguing, or drama. Everything was new and shiny, there was plenty to do. Raids were still fun. The one guild I really miss was still going strong. It was the most fun I’ve had in WoW.