I spent the first part of my day getting my warlock’s mining up. Flew around Borean Tundra for a long time, only stopping to do the Malygos training quest, which just made me miss the Malygos fight, I loved phase 3, but I became so bored, and Pieces asked if I’d like to go Trial 10 man. I politely declined at first, I only do about 3.5k dps in my crappy gear after all, but she insisted I’d be fine and I went along.

We went in with 4 shamans, 2 warlocks, a prot paladin, a priest, anyway, after a couple of wipes on Beasts, not enough damage on the snobolds, people bunched together on the jormungars, one of the shamans relogged his druid main and after that it went much smoother. The belt from Beasts dropped and I won it, the other warlock passed to me noticing I was still sporting my beloved Belt of Blasting. I liked that warlock he was a nice guy. The elemental shaman rolled though. Then Jaraxxus down, cloth bracers drop, the shaman wins them. Well I’m not going to complain, the belt was a HUGE upgrade. Anyway, Faction Champions down and the dagger, which to my knowledge up until now was a myth (wanted it on my priest for the longest time), dropped. Again, me and the shaman rolled, possibly the priest too, I won. The shaman wasn’t having this:

Perhaps if this wasn’t the second time I’d seen this dagger drop in TotC10, maybe I’d have taken pity, but the more he spammed, the more I thought, “No way.” Plus, if he’d won the belt, I wouldn’t have whined, it’s not the end of the world. Even after both staves dropped and he offered to trade (the other warlock won the first staff, and was spammed a little), perhaps I might have traded the Anub’arak staff for my dagger, but the spamming and offering of small amounts of gold (I play the auction house a fair bit, I’m good for gold) got too annoying. I’m sure you understand! I think by the end of the raid, the other warlock told the shaman I was a girl, suddenly he smiled and said goodbye. Funny that.

As I ran to my bank to check how many enchanting mats I’d need to send over (I also got some new gloves to enchant, the Tier 9 ones), I had a message on MSN from Elsen asking if I’d like to take Jaedia or Soup to the weekly, XT. So I figured yeah, sure, I’d love to play my DK a little and say hi to the people on Terenas! Waited a little to get the raid started, mocked Zal’s new dwarfiness, and away we went. I drove, Zal took the passenger seat, we figured we’d take the low-gearscore-mobile, I had possibly just slightly higher gear levels, not by much. Flame Leviathan is of course easy though, and when a lovely ring dropped and I won it I was pretty happy, especially replacing the blue Nexus ring!

After XT (the plate legs dropped but I didn’t roll, I’ll be getting the tier 9 legs soonish) the raid leader said we’d be going to Onyxia if we wanted to stick around. Why not, I had no specific place to be. A few wipes but my God that fight is fun as a melee. I’ve only ever done Onyxia on my hunter and my shadow priest. Having to watch out for different abilities, breaths (which I did make use of anti magic shield on, I won’t lie) and blast novas, AoE on the whelps, it’s fun! Apparently I impressed the raid leader a little, she whispered me wondering why the heck I was guildless and invited me to Flames as a social. I did blush a little, it was a nice compliment, and lovely to seen green text on Terenas again.