I guess it’s about time I did one of these. So hi, my name is Jaedia, and I hate PvP. Okay perhaps ‘hate’ isn’t the right word, but whenever I try to I get anxious over how much they’re thinking, “Ha! This hunter is shit! Free HKs!” Also, really frustrated. I avoid it most of the time because I don’t feel the need to torture myself. However, once in a blue moon I do get the urge to fling my pixels into a crowd of red names and shoot at them until I’m dead. Yes, this is how it usually goes unless a healer takes pity on me.

Back in TBC, I attempted to PvP as a shadow priest. I can remember being very squishy, and I can remember thinking “Ooh shadow priests, easy kills” but I can also remember how fun it was trying to master something which was supposedly not built for what I was doing. Flinging DoTs around, fearing, Mind Flay slowing melee classes, it was genuinely fun when I was in the right mood. Then in Wrath, they gave shadow priests the terror, I forget what its’ name is now, but running around disarming melee classes was, to me, funny.

I rerolled hunter for the first few months of Wrath, and then May onwards. My God I was terrible at it. Some PvP hunters make it look so simple, but I’ll pop my PvP trinket out of stuns, disengage away, shoot them to death, whether it’s their death or my death.

My being bad at PvP aside, shooting people in the face is fun, and I want to grab some achievements. I’m aiming to go for Wrecking Ball one day when I find a willing healer, I think I managed to get 17 killing blows without dying once and was then jumped by a rogue, a warrior, and a PvP trinket on cooldown. Cry.

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’d like to get 10,000 honourable kills this year. It’s going to take a lot of PvP, I’m currently on about 2,300, but it’s an aim at least. As, there is no way I’ll ever PvP enough to get 100,000.

Personally, when it comes down to PvP, I’m not doing it to be serious. I will defend flags, I will attack towers, sacrificing my own PvP comfort zones for the benefit of whatever is going on, but I do appreciate a laugh while it happens.