That warrior I mentioned last Sunday? Yeah, she’s level 23 now, very close to 24, and I’m loving it. I started her last Saturday evening when I was a little bored, and I figured what the heck! “I’ll go see who’s around on Terenas, Zal and Els are sometimes around though I can’t remember her paladin’s name..” It took me a while to think of a name, and Briella was the best I could come up with. Most of the names on these name websites are crap, really, so I shoved some letters together and formed a word. That’s how most of my names were formed.

Spoke to Pieces and Zal for a lot of the time, and oh, I took candle. I took a lot of candle. No, not like that you bunch of pervs. Around level 7, Zal decided he was bored and would pick me up in his motorbike and drive me around, so I grabbed 2h Axe training, a couple of greens from the Auction House, and hugged some dead Horde butt. Seriously, who raids Ironforge at 8pm on a Saturday evening, on a Full population server which is very heavy on the Alliance side? Picked up Alchemy and Herbalism and ran off back to Elwynn, I think I got to level 11 before I decided to head off, I love heirlooms, can’t believe I originally planned to level without them.

Since then I’ve been questing and chatting. The usual Westfall, Redridge and such. Though I’ve been trying the low level LFD tool. I love the loot bags, these are entirely new to me, I was totally expecting to be given spell power and spirit items, though I’ve got a of the Bandit cloak, and of the Bear mail belt. Pretty nice! I discovered that the heirlooms I’m using (please ignore the PvP trinket, it’s a bit of resilience in an empty slot, I know I don’t need it as a human, shush), especially the yummy axe, cause a lot of threat, so I struggle to DPS instances.

I decided to try my hand at tanking. Picked up the 1h axe from Deadmines and a shield from a warrior quest.. really.. “Walk into that cave.” Alliance warrior quests are a joke. The level 10 orc warrior quest is to kill a few Thunder Lizards, the level 10 human warrior quest is to beat up the guy next to the quest giver a bit. Pulling the tangent back, I did okay. I kept an eye on the healers’ mana, let people drink, taunted loose mobs away, kept some decentish AoE threat. My only qualms are with rage generation, auto attack (why isn’t it automatic when something hits you?!), and people with, or sometimes without, heirlooms, who then think they are better than group mechanics and will continue to pull ahead, not let you gain any threat on the mobs whatsoever, before they open fire. I know this is nothing new, but despite this I did okay.

There was a group.. I got into a Shadowfang Keep group, as tank, the mage wouldn’t give the ret paladin water because the paladin was Swedish, and the paladin kicked up a bit of a fuss so to speak. I got bored of the arguing, and when the paladin pulled several mobs and ran into the group with them I gave in and left. Joined the next group specifically as DPS, I didn’t sign up as tank I didn’t want to. The same paladin was there telling me to tank. I’d heard of fake tanking, a class with the ability to tank will sign up as a tank with no intention of tanking, and force it on another group member, who will have to tank to get through the instance. I don’t take being told what to do so well and left them to it, like I wanted to do Wailing Caverns anyway.

My last warrior got as far as 27 before something shiny came along and she ended up being deleted to make space on the server for a new alt. All in all, it is a fun class and I hope my tanking skills, and rage generation, pick up a bit soon. I suppose dual-spec is going to help immensely.