I’ve spent most of this week on my warlock. I’ve had a lot of stuff happen while playing Fae which has upset me, and I’m starting to wonder if she’s cursed or just unlucky, ha. Either way, playing her is starting to feel uncomfortable with all of the bad memories, and playing random alts, doing what I want when I feel like it rather than, “Well, I should log my character and do dailies I don’t really want to do now,” has been much more appealing this past week. I don’t plan to reroll, even though I’m not playing Fae too much, I’m still calling her my main. I just grew tired of ‘The Problem‘ and when it affects you? Kinda sucks.

Mining has actually got me through a large portion of this week. I decided it was time to level my warlock’s mining after hitting 80 and not having very much to do, or feeling much like doing anything else and it was relaxing. I made a shedload of gold from the Mithril, Thorium and Fel Iron. I might make a home of Hinterlands and Un’goro. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad PuGs this week, and people like this:

Some of you may also notice I’ve been fiddling around with the layout this week. Scrapping armory plugins for simple character buttons linking to their armory pages (and awesome poses of course), changed my signature and pet buttons to match the text on the armory buttons a little better, and of course, the header. I wanted to include my alts in the header because I’m quite an altaholic, and I wanted to relfect this.

I don’t usually do this but I’ve come across a couple more new blogs I enjoy reading this week:

  1. Blasting Away – A friend from my (now)ex-guild has started blogging. I’ve been helping her with bits and pieces, setting it up, and I’m liking where it’s heading. I particularly love reading the blogs of friends.
  2. The Snobby Blood Elf – The snobbybelf almost has more blood elves than me! Almost. I love the header, and she’s also a very good writer. Had to add this one to my reader.

This week, Pike has written an excellent blog post about how to play as a Beast Mastery hunter. I particularly like this article because compared to Marksman and even Survival, there isn’t a lot of information about how to effectively play as a BM hunter. Kudos to Pike.

Windsoar has also enlightened us this week on how to survive low level PuGs, and told us to L2Bandage. There are some excellent tips in this post including: “No one cares how great your main character is–we don’t know his name, he likely doesn’t play on my server, and I will never run into him when I’m doing activities on my main.”

Icedragon tells us this week how to make Oculus easy. Countless people have said time and time again how much they hate Oculus, it’s too hard, it’s boring, whatever, thanks for ruining the only original instance I’ve really loved this expansion. Now go and read this post and suck it up.

Similarly, Cassandri has broken down Gnomeregan into simple bite-sized chunks. Personally quite hate Gnomeregan, partly because of the scenery, and partly because I get lost.. a lot. Therefore, this post is going in my permanently bookmarked list in my reader.

Finally, Vas’s lore post over at Daily Quests this week was particularly interesting, basically a discussion of, “What came first, the Titan or the Old God?” At the same time, exploring who the Titans and the Old Gods are. Well worth a read.