I went back to Fae this week, started on her dailies again and did her weekly. I realised I had missed it so thankfully, no danger of me dropping hunter any time soon. I’ve been incredibly tired so I can’t remember much of what I have done, apart from my achievement points have gone up to about 6,900, and Jaedia the warlock has picked up a bit more gear (and discovered why her DPS was so low all the time, nothing to do with her imp.. nope.. what? Okay, it might have been on passive for a while but ANYWAY).

Also, I don’t know if any of you remember my little project? Well, yesterday I realised, the only race I quite like but don’t have a high level character of this race, is female human. The racials are awesome too. So I traded over the heirlooms from my level 8 draenei, picked out a new name, and made Briella. I also got her to level 11 and it’s fun! It’s a new class which previously I only reached level 27 with. I’m almost tempted to try tanking.. almost. Well, you may notice a few differences. I’ve given up on the idea of not helping her out with money and items, and just got on with it. I think I’ll be more likely to level and enjoy playing her.

Another thing I did this week was read more. Go ahead and mock, but I’m reading the Twilight series which I got for Christmas, and I’m enjoying it. This has actually reduced my blog reading time, which I realised this morning. I’ve bookmarked a few posts which I’m going to share.

I actually fell in love with this post of Pike’s. Weezer are awesome, and the images match the song well. Had to share.

I haven’t raided in a few weeks, so I haven’t seen the fights myself, but Rilgon’s Putricide guide is awesome. I equally love Morynne’s Icecrown guides.

Brangwen at Non Elitist Raiding Diary has posted an interesting topic this week about declining applicants based on age. Some very good points raised and it made me think a little, it’s not necessarily a topic I’ve thought about before.

If you’ve ever wondered what Tirion is yelling about in Icecrown, but didn’t have chance to stop and read it, you’re in luck, Arioch has come to the rescue. Now you can read lore without worrying about wiping on the trash.