I’m going to come straight out with it, this post is filler. I obviously played my warrior a little. I played the Auction House a bit. Bought a Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, seeing that afterwards I had 4,000 gold server wide, I bought a pile of raw gems, cut them, sold them for more. Used up a few mats in my bank, Emblems lying around, and bought a few mats to make a couple of things with leatherworking which I resold for a huge profit. After a week, I was back upto about 12k gold server wide. I’ve now gone back to my lowbie mage alt, and I’m semi flirting with the idea of faction changing and transferring Fae when I’ve finished Loremaster, but I don’t know yet. I do miss Terenas Alliance though. Dan also bought me the Gundrak Hatchling and Elwynn Lamb this week, so I’m now upto 101 vanity pets!

I’ve been reading books a lot again this week, finished one and I’m onto the next in the series. I’ve kept up on my reader to an extent, but not enough to really warrant the major link love, which by the way I have played around with my blogroll, tidied it a little, added a few new blogs who weren’t previously there. I also wanted to link to more characters, so I finally did something with my characters page, there’s a link in the WoW tab above, and beneath the other armory links in my sidebar.

For now, have a look at Aphroditi’s warlocky wallpapers, I love them to bits!

A bit of machinima I spotted on WoW.com this week, but it will get stuck in your head so watch at your own risk: I Kissed An Orc.

I’d also like to add a goodbye to Saresa, we’ll miss you, of course, but hope that stepping away will be a positive step. Good luck 🙂