The past week I haven’t really been playing Fae much. I’ve logged in to do her random daily heroic for the Frost Emblems, pugged a Flame Leviathan 10 for the weekly raid quest, aside from that I’ve been quite determined to level my warlock.

A little background on my warlock: She was my first character. I made her.. I think the September before TBC was released, so at the time I could be an undead or an orc. I chose undead. At about level 27 ish, I noticed everybody had “words in front of their names” so when I asked my friend where to get this, he said PvP. I joined a WSG and made myself a Scout which I was perfectly happy with, not understanding PvP at all at this point (not much has changed, let’s be fair). She would have been about level 40 when TBC hit, I levelled very slowly, with college, social life, and other alts to sort out as well. When TBC hit and I noticed how many 70s were around I became determined and at about 62, a group of guildies helped me with the Dreadsteed quest. It was very hard at this point and took about 10 minutes, and my God I was proud of that mount. She was my first character to 70 and I quit her 2 months after she hit 70 to play a priest instead. She is now my 6th level 80.

The problem with Scout Hadlo being an undead is purely that I don’t really like playing undead. The only horde race I like is blood elf, and I guess tauren. After a shitty hour of being PvPed in Nagrand, helping a friend with Ring of Blood, I decided finally I’d race change to blood elf and eventually decided to change her name from Hadlo, to something much more comfortable: Jaedia. I’m now much more attached to the character, I love that she is Scout Jaedia, and in fact, Destruction feels like a very similar playstyle to Spiritmasters in Aion, which was the class I played and loved to bits. Anyway, I do have a bit of link love this week.

I’d really like to promote a few new blogs today. I have 3 I’d like to share with you.

  1. Random Rogue – I love her theme to bits. It’s bright, colourful, and very happy. I like that, and also the idea behind the blog. Just another random rogue pugging her way through the levels. I find that a nice fresh new idea for blogging.
  2. Marks-365 – I think I found Morynne’s hunter blog from a comment on another blog. Curious I had a look and I loved reading her blog, chatting on Twitter, and watching it grow.
  3. The Spirit Beast – A beautifully designed brand new blog for BM hunters. I can’t wait to see it improve and grow 🙂

I really do need to get upto date on my reader. I couldn’t bear to go through everything after Christmas and have still barely touched on it, sorry guys, I will read your stuff! Though, I have managed to get upto date on a few.

I really love Pike’s WoW-Related Things I Have Drawn Lately post. I love looking at other people’s art, whether it be doodles or  oil paintings or the other awesome stuff inbetween. These are so cute I had to share.

This week I have come across 2 bloggers who word what I was trying to say in my post about elitists much better than I could. The first being Arioch of Clearcasting, and the second Saresa of Destructive Reach.

There’s an awesome guide for raiding shadow priests up at Lucky Lurky this week, nice to see you posting again Ben!

Last but by no means least, big congratulations to Naithin! Wish you guys all the best and Cristel’s dress is really pretty 😀