So Aphroditi claims that Warlocks are the best class in WoW. I’m here to prove you wrong!

  1. Our community is better. Have you seen the amount of forums and blogs around for hunters? There are some amazing hunter based blogs, with some brilliant guides. Somebody even made for those hunters who can’t access the spreadsheet, it’s basically a web based spreadsheet. Not to mention Petopia, an awesome resource for hunters wanting to find unique and interesting pets. The hunter community is definitely the best I’ve come across.
  2. Our pets do the tanking so we don’t get a scratch. Throw up a Misdirect, keep up Mend Pet, and our pets are excellent tanks. Why should we need dedicated healers when we can have bears?!
  3. We will own your face in PvP. No, really. Warlocks are possibly my favourite target in a battleground, next to mages. I tend to leave priests alone, from my days PvPing as shadow, but gnomes are especially fun to kill. Cloth armour? Really?
  4. We don’t need class mounts, we can run faster inside! Aspect of the Cheetah, and Aspect of the Pack are 2 abilities which I would never trade for a cool mount. Being able to catch up much faster if you had to pop afk in an instance is a huge bonus, as well as being able to choose whether you want the rest of your raid to run fast too 😉 Heck, you can even get your tank dazed if they’re particularly annoying!
  5. Better armour than you. We don’t have to look like silly giant garden gnomes in our Tier 10. Or the guys who caused the death of Bolvar in our Tier 8! Think about it.
  6. Better mana regen abilities. Popping Aspect of the Viper to mana up between packs so that you don’t have to lose DPS time OR health is much better than worrying over whether your healer is willing to heal you through your Life Taps. Trust me, I’ve seen both sides!
  7. Decent aggro dumps. Feign Death and Misdirect are by far better moves than any silly transformations! Soulshatter? Please. 50% aggro drop and the use of a soul shard, and a 3 minute cooldown. I wouldn’t give up Feign Death or Misdirect for ‘Illidan form’ and lolshatter.
  8. Choosing and naming your pets. Yes, that’s right, we have a better raport with our pets. Who wants minions when you can have a cuddly kitty? A cuddly kitty that kicks butt, might I add, and is nowhere near as emo as a Voidwalker.
  9. Evil? Pfft, who cares! Hunters have the ability to make use of nature, to fool their enemies into traps, tame wild creatures. Besides, warlocks are hardly evil. Pesky Twisting Nether thieves.
  10. TRAPS. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t kill to be able to use Frost Trap, Freezing Trap, Snake Trap? Hunters can slow my enemies and send after them an army of angry poisonous snakes!
  11. Hunters are the best class in the game. Need I say more?