Of course, I am a fickle person, suddenly something became shiny.. I’m very easily distracted. Meet my mage. The first blood elf I created. On the first day of TBC. She’s level 26 and I feel like I’m levelling an antique. It’s fun and I can’t believe in the past 3 years I haven’t levelled it yet.

A little about her name first, Twylite. This dates back to when I was doing my A levels (post-compulsory education, pre-university, for the non Brits reading). I was an avid English Literature geek and one of our English teachers decided to go to London for this Blake walk thing. In the morning we went to one of the art museums, which was semi-boring but at the same time I had some awesome friends with me who made the whole trip much more interesting. Halfway through the day, one of the other students was holding the map with the walk route on it, the tube went past, the map was sucked under onto the track. So for the rest of the day, a few of us went off to another museum, a modern art museum, with huge slides and strange things like that. Walking back across the Millenium bridge, I could see St. Paul’s Cathedral, by the light of twilight, the sun had just gone down and I commented how that was my favourite time of day because it’s so beautiful. I decided this would be the name for my mage then.

I wanted to make my first blood elf a mage because it was a class I hadn’t tried yet, everybody and their dog would be making blood elf paladins, which was a class I wanted to make, but when it had settled down a little, I basically chose mage because it would be different. At this point, my main was my undead warlock so I had no plans to reroll, however I got to about level 20ish and made a blood elf priest, which I levelled and made my main. My mage was left around this level for that long.

Saturday night I had an urge to play her, so I logged in, headed to Hillsbrad, and did a couple of random dungeons. I loved it. The mage class feels comfortable, which I’ve only ever felt with hunter and priest. Though, I’m starting to think I should level my 65 druid first, she’s so close already and I could use a herb/alchemist. Also enjoy the feral and tree dual speccing, kitty for questing, tree for instancing. Of course, my first priority at the moment is Loremaster, though it goes to show how much of an altaholic I am doesn’t it.