“The son is the father.” – Farseer Corhuk.

Dranosh Saurfang, the son of Varok Saurfag, also sometimes known as Saurfang the Younger. His name, ‘Dranosh’, means ‘Heart of Draenor’ in Orcish. Although his mother is not known, she is mentioned in Icecrown. His father says that he made a promise to his mother before she died, that he would leave Outland alone and leave Dranosh untainted.

We first meet him in Nagrand near the Sunspring Post, set out to seek revenge after a Murkblood raid on his home. However, it doesn’t go so well and he gains severe injuries, as well as being only one of a handful of survivors. He decides to go through the Dark Portal to find his father and follow in his footsteps.

Upon meeting his father in Northrend, he is given one of the highest tasks, his father knowing he was the only one who could keep a level head, that he was worthy enough, so he also gave him his armour. This task was to head to the Wrathgate for battle. He sadly fell to Frostmourne just before Putress betrays them, releasing his plague.

Of course, having fallen to Frostmourne, his soul is taken by the Lich King, and he becomes Deathbringer Saurfang. Guarding the Citadel from any champions who may seek to enter. After the Gunship battle, depending on your faction you will meet with differing introductions and endings to the fight, needless to say, the final result, for either faction, was possibly the saddest moment in WoW. The father carrying his son’s body for burial.