I haven’t spent an incredible amount of time in WoW this week, partly because I was ill for a couple of days (just ate something dodgy, nothing major I just preferred the comfort of pillows) and partly because honestly, the game is feeling a little stale at the moment. I’ve tried playing alts, doing a little Loremaster, getting my seasonal achievements done, but the only thing that really interested me was doing my auctions which I have going on 2 servers now. I’ll be taking a small break from the game when I send my graphics card back to hopefully be finally fixed or replaced, though I might try another game for a bit, go back to Aion or LotRO for a month just to play around and take a break. I’m not finished with WoW just yet.

The blog has taken a lot of my attention this week too actually. I’ve been playing around with graphics and pages again, which by the way if you have any suggestions for my header please feel free to leave a comment. I’m not entirely sure where to go with it but it’s not complete. Of course, Dristanel made me the lovely RSS button you can see to the top of my sidebar as well for being the first to guess who my Secret Admirer was. I’ve been spending a little more time over at Blog Azeroth as well, seeing how I can help. Browsing the introduction forums has helped me find a few new blogs actually, my reader is going to be very difficult to keep up with soon.

Blogs to Watch

Another awesome week for new blogs, at least for my unobservant self anyway! First of all, check out this monster of a blogroll.

I’ve come across two hunter blogs this week.

A few others to check out.


Yay, go me, I kept up on my feed reader for once!

Big Bear Butt talked about how WoW’s community makes it the strongest MMO out there. Basically, if you took away the community, the bloogers, Wowhead, news sites, and so on, WoW killers would be much more likely. Equally, if you gave another decently designed MMO the same things, perhaps it could pique a little more activity. He’s right, I’ve tried other MMOs, the information is a lot harder to find than it is in WoW.

Euripedes discussed how WoW as a form of escapism is a lot more healthy than a lot of people would have you think, that escaping into any other hobby is just the same. Personally, I’d go so far as to say escaping into a book can be more unhealthy than WoW, as then you’re left alone with your thoughts, it’s much easier to wallow when you don’t have people around you, whether they’re online friends or not.

Lassirra has made an attempt to relieve the differences between casual players and hardcore players by explaining what a hardcore raid leader has to go through, and how they have to act. That being said, there are still the elitist jerks out there who can’t understand the mindset of a casual player, and feel they have to talk down to them while they collect their daily frost emblems from LFD or however else they come across each other.

Angelya has provided us with a wonderful Balance Cheat Sheet which I might have to use when I finally get my cow to 80! She also has a Resto Cheat Sheet. I love these kind of guides.

Anea would like to remind you that she is not your heal bitch. I would like to add, if we wipe, you run. I’m not going to be ressing you. I agree wholeheartedly with everything she has said in this post, and what it boils down to is the reason why I don’t tend to heal much these days: people take their healers for granted.

I don’t usually link to shared topics in my link love posts but, do prepare yourselves for the Windsoar boss.