When the festival started up last night, midnight, server time, I ran around wondering what the heck I needed to do. I couldn’t find a guide as everything has been changed, and so I thought I’d throw a basic guide out there to help you get your achievements and whatnot. I’ve listed the max level Horde quests and such, though everything is basically the same, you can check here, or here (also includes a boss strategy), for any differences in level or faction.

Everything you need this year can be bought with Love Tokens from vendors in each major city, which you can get from doing the various daily quests (Crushing the Crown, giving bracelets to all 4 leaders, and spraying 10 people with perfume) or handing in Lovely Charm Bracelets at the vendors, the same way you change one type of Emblem to another. Lovely Charm Bracelets are made with Lovely Charms, which you can get from any enemy which you could gain honour or experience from. You can no longer receive them whilst in a vehicle.

Daily Quests

These will give you 5 tokens each, that’s 30 tokens a day purely from the dailies (I have only included the Horde Gift dailies at the moment, though it is the same for Alliance, 1 bracelet daily for each faction leader).


You’re going to need for the meta:

  • Charming – 120 Lovely Charms to make 12 bracelets.
  • Flirt With Disaster – 1 Handful of Rose Petals, a pile of alcohol to get you completely smashed, and some perfume. Alliance.
  • Sweet Tooth – These 4 candies are obtained in Box of Chocolates, which you can buy for 10 tokens. The candies are tradeable too.
  • Shafted! – 10 Arrows will be another 10 tokens. Just shoot people who don’t already have a Peddlefeet following them around.
  • The Rocket’s Pink Glare – 10 Love Rockets is another 10 tokens. The easiest way to do this is to keybind the Rockets to 1 (or anything else if you prefer), find an empty patch of floor, and spam 1 and click the floor until you get the achievement.
  • Nation Of Adoration – You complete these by simply doing the 4 daily quests to give a Charm Bracelet to the 4 faction leaders. Alliance.
  • Fistful Of Love – There are 11 class/race combinations you need to shower with Rose Petals, plus the 1 Handful you need for Flirt With Disaster, so buy 15 Handful of Rose Petals for 6 tokens and hang around in Dalaran.
  • Be Mine! – A Bag of Candies costs 2 tokens, you can get lucky and get them all in one bag, or you might not. These candies are also tradeable.
  • Dangerous Love – For this you need to complete the holiday quest chain which for Horde is from the goblin near the Orgrimmar bank, you should find him on your minimap. For Alliance, it’s in Stormwind.
  • I Pitied The Fool – Buy Love Fools for 10 tokens each, and in each place listed, get it out, target it, and /pity. These are a one time use thing (as I found out in an ICC raid.. oops) so you will need 50 tokens for all 5, and make sure you are inside each area listed.
  • Lonely? – You need a Buttermilk Delight from the Box of Chocolates, in Dalaran, sit at a Picnic Basket with somebody (10 tokens, though you can use somebody else’s) and eat the Buttermilk Delight.
  • My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose – Loot a Bouquet of Ebon or Red roses from any of the following: Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone, Prince Keleseth in Utgarde Keep, or Prince Taldaram in The Old Kingdom. Personally, I think that Utgarde Keep normal mode will be the easiest, you won’t need a full group for it.

Extras, not for the meta, but if you like achievements:

  • Tough Love – Kill the seasonal boss in Shadowfang Keep. As usual, it is a daily quest which you can summon once a day per character. You pick it up inside Shadowfang Keep, no pre-quest necessary.
  • Lovely Luck Is On Your Side – Gain a Lovely Black Dress from a Lovely Dress Box, which are 20 tokens each.
  • Perma-Peddle – Buy for 40 tokens.

Feat of Strength:

The Boss

Everybody loves a good seasonal boss.. Maybe not, but here is a list of his drops.