Khi made me do it.

So, a challenge to anyone that’s awake and bored. Blog post including SS of your primary characters, and a brief description.

Well, I’m awake, and waiting for my PC to finish defragging, so why not. Though I already include some things for my characters, armory links, brief information dotted around various posts, I don’t have a specific post about each one.


This is my main character. The only one I care enough to get achievements on. PvP on. I originally made her as a pretty long haired, blonde blood elf. I jokingly called it my ‘secret project’, which wasn’t so much secret as it was yet another alt for me to level and forget about. However, I discovered I loved the hunter class, I kept levelling her, I got her to 70 and I enjoyed playing her more than my shadow priest which had been my main for possibly over a year by this point. There was a few days when she was an orc, but I hated it so much I couldn’t play her anymore and Dan changed her back to blood elf as soon as he could. I felt terribly guilty about wasting that chunk of money. I have had brief stints on other characters since rerolling, but Fae is my main and will be until the day I quit.


I guess mentioning my previous main, I should introduce my priest. She’s the one who has everything I want on my hunter. Blue Proto Drake, Violet Proto Drake, Brewfest Ram, Clockwork Rocketbot, Hand of A’dal, but she was my main for so long. Most of TBC, and a few months in Wrath. I originally levelled her for fun, to heal. At the time I remember healers always seemed to be lacking, so I levelled one. It was also a nice escape from some personal stuff, focusing on this new character which was MUCH more fun than my first character. I’ve never enjoyed levelling a character so much, and of course when I hit 70 all intentions of healing went and I got a spot in a guild as a shadow priest. I’ve never even tried to reroll her to be a healer since. I met my current boyfriend in that guild, I spent a lot of time in my current guild in TBC on her. She has some good memories but these days I can’t bring myself to enjoy shadow as much as I used to.


Of course, my first character was a warlock. A few years ago, when I was in college, I met a boy. The usual lovey dovey relationship crap and a few months later and he had me playing World of Warcraft. I said I wanted a magical class and a pet. So here Hadlo was born. This was still during vanilla, and him and my other friend were Horde, so my only real choice was undead. I levelled her to 70 slowly, she must have still been level 40 when TBC was released, and it was a class which I liked in bursts, other times I found it incredibly boring and I dipped into alts. She became my JC alt and not much else, until I finally levelled her recently really enjoying destruction. It reminded me of my spiritmaster in Aion. I had to make her a blood elf, I hated the way armour looks on an undead, so here she is, remodelled and renamed. These days I have much more attachment to her than I did when she was ‘my first character’.


Everybody has one, the paladin. When I very first started playing WoW, I read through the manual that came with the game, checking all of the classes, and the one which appealed to me the most was in fact paladin. I’m not sure why now, I can’t remember or care enough to check what the manual said, but it was probably because they’re a hybrid and to me it sounded a fun class. If I hadn’t been forced to go Horde, my first character would probably have been a female human paladin. Cassea I didn’t even start levelling the moment TBC came out, I wanted to but everybody was levelling blood elf paladins at that point, so my first blood elf was in fact a mage and I carried on with my warlock because I was more interested in reaching 70. In TBC, she was my main for a little while when I went over to help a friend’s guild. I started off as holy and slowly gathered a little gear and respecced to prot. It turns out that paladin isn’t the class for me, and that guild was not worth helping either. I will always have a max level paladin though, I’m not sure what the appeal is, but I will.


Equally so, everybody has a death knight. Whether they level it or not, they’ve at least played around on the character screen, don’t even attempt to tell me you haven’t, I won’t believe you. I’ll start with the name, which started off as my counterpart to a guy on our forums called Clanger (he, I’m pretty sure, is unaware of this, as first of all his name is nothing to do with the awesome kids show, and second of all, my death knight is on a different server). Yes, she’s named after THAT Soupdragon. I made her for funsies when my server was down on the day the Ulduar patch was implemented. I can’t remember why she’s a night elf, perhaps it was ‘because I don’t have one and originally, when I first started playing this game, it was my favourite race’, though after finishing Outlands I do remember wishing she was human. She’s now a night elf, I have to live with that. I love her to bits anyway. Though you might be able to see I should really run her through some heroics sometime.


While taking a break from my server, playing my death knight, I suddenly missed playing hunter. At the time this was a little odd as I’d been playing my priest as my main up until this point in Wrath, not including the first couple of months. I wanted an Alliance hunter on the same server as my death knight, I’d been having a lot of fun there. I looked over racials, decided dwarves were creepy, and the 1% hit aura was pretty nice so I chose draenei despite at this point wanting to make her a night elf. As I levelled I grew to love the draenei and these days it’s probably my favourite race, though I guess you couldn’t tell from all the blood elves and the actual difference in Alliance races I play. Thing is, I’m not a big fan of Horde races, I was ecstatic when they released blood elves for Horde, I race I could play and not hate! Anyway, I played Jaedia on Terenas for a while and I loved it to pieces, but in the end I missed my friends on Vashj and went back to Fae, where I have stuck since roughly August or September last year, not long after the TotC patch *hiss*. Jaedia let me meet some awesome friends, made me realise that draenei are awesome, and she was also the character I played when I started this blog, and the reason why I use ‘Jaedia’ as my internet name. Though I don’t play her very much at all now, she is a very important character to me.


And they are just my 80s! I’ve also got a cow druid which I’m trying to finish levelling now, a blood elf mage (my first blood elf, I’ve mentioned her before), a blood elf rogue called Miyu (I have seen a level 80 paladin on my server called Miyú *evil cackle*), a blood elf death knight which I’m a little too attached to Soupdragon to bring myself to level, a troll shaman who is brand new and I’m not sure if she’ll make it, a human warrior, and other alts I’ve plotted. I am an altoholic, but I’m at least a focused one.