I decided to finally level professions on my Death Knight, Soupdragon. I think she was my 4th 80 (out of 6) started on the day of the Ulduar patch, so I guess that gives you an indication of how much I slacked in the profession department. I chose Blacksmithing and Enchanting in the end, after making a pretty penny on her server I could afford it, and I have a miner on that server if I did get desperate. I spent a lot of time in the day levelling her professions, stuck to Ironforge because everything I needed was so close together.

Now, she’s been going on about it for a while so really I knew it was coming, but I stuck around levelling my professions anyway. Elsen asked me if I was taking part in her guild’s 5 year anniversary scavenger hunt celebration thingy. As I’d said no before, I kept to my answer because heck I was tired and I wanted to chill, maybe watch some TV. However, I said, “If somebody was on their own though I considered helping.” To which she responded, “Madmac is on his own, he’s lovely :)” So, off I went.

The basic idea of the scavenger hunt was a list of 21 questions. We had to go around in teams of 2-4 collecting items like the Stratholme Lily (read the comments by the way, I giggled a little), taking screenshots of certain things around the world, /spit/love/kiss’ing a random guild member if we could find him. Basically all in the name of fun. At one point, I took to flying around Icecrown with a /tar macro keybound to ‘G’ looking for this member to emote at, and I said in guild at the time, I swear it was giving me RSI! Anyway, despite being tired and eventually gaining a headache, it was all in the name of fun and I have a few screenies for your viewing enjoyment (click to see enlarged versions).

I would also like to add that Madmac chose the team name ‘Mad Moon Monsters’ in honour of my DK’s name, Soupdragon, and our mascot was Mr. Wiggles who appears in a few of the screenshots!