Keristrasza: “Come, Lord of Magic, and recover your precious consort….”
Keristrasza: “…what remains of her!”
Malygos: “Saragosa! What has become of you?”
Malygos: “Keristrasza! You’ve bested my consort… and now YOU shall take her place!”
*both dragons despawn*

Fae took a sad walk back to the mages of Coldarra island and told them the terrible news. They asked her if she can go into the Nexus and free the corrupted spirit of Keristrasza.

So, she gathered together a group of 5 heros, ran through the Nexus with them killing an array of strange creatures and then they finally found Keristrasza. Sighing, she broke the red dragon free of her icy tomb. Leaping around to keep themselves warm, they defeated her corrupted self and freed her spirit, when the rest of the party saw the following message:
Fae receives loot [Arctic Fur]. “Score!” Fae yelled with delight, the rest of the party didn’t quite agree, and shook their heads in shame.

“I suppose we’ll have to take back her body to the Wyrmrest Temple for a proper burial SKINLESS now..” The shield bearing warrior glared at Fae, clearly unamused by her disrespect.