I haven’t participated in a Shared Topic in a while, so I’ve browsed the forum, selected a few which are sitting in drafts waiting to be written, and my first is Oath’s idea:

Have you ever been out and about, minding your own business, having a casual conversation with a friend and fellow WoW player about the latest patch or last night’s dungeon, then some random stranger comes up to you and says something like, “Hey, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear, but do you guys play WoW? I’ve got a level XX [race] [class] on [server]”?

I’ve probably had two handfuls of people come up to me in real life, either overhearing I play WoW from conversation, or seeing that I’m wearing my Warlock shirt or Horde sweater, and strike up a conversation with me about the game.

While places of congregation abound, such as a gaming convention, comic book shop, or GameStop, the topic persists more of an unprecedented setting. I ran into an Alliance member at a mall outside of the restrooms and we had a heated debate about Varian Wrynn. A guy started a conversation with my cousin and me at a sushi bar because my cousin and I were discussing ICC. A friend and I were at dinner at an expensive restaurant, and I was telling her about my spec, as she was leveling a warlock, and our waiter chimed in about his warlock.

Have any of you out there in the blogosphere had this happen? If so, what was your experience like? Was it just a pleasant conversation or did you face off with a passionate member of the opposing faction?

Well, I can’t recall any eavesdroppings, from my part or anybody else’s, but I do remember a particularly nasty train journey, or as much as my terribly bad memory allows me to remember…

This was back in TBC, I was playing my shadow priest in Supreme, and my relationship with Dan was at this point long distance. Okay, compared to some I can’t complain, but a 7 hour train journey did suck a fair bit.

I think this particular night it had been snowing in some places, or more possibly raining quite heavily, so when I got to Cardiff the bloke in the orange coat who I asked which platform I was on, or God knows what now, told me the train to Birmingham was cancelled or heavily delayed, or something, so I’d need to get the train to Bristol and change there to get to Birmingham. So, I listened, at this point I just wanted to get home, I was cold and tired and didn’t particularly feel like sitting on trains, I wasn’t in the best of moods. Got to Bristol and the train was cancelled! I broke down, thinking I’d be stuck in sodding Bristol all night with no money or anywhere to stay, not a particularly nice train station either. I was wrong, a train came along to take us to yet another station to get us to Birmingham, I forget which, where I sat waiting rather impatiently for this, by now, doubtful train to Birmingham.

I sat next to a girl who was quite friendly and started talking to me. I’m usually quite a shy person, so it’s probably a good job she spoke to me, else not only would I have gone insane that night but I definitely wouldn’t have a post to write about this topic.

We talked about why we were stuck getting these stupid trains, me on my way home from visiting my boyfriend, her on the way to visit hers. I asked, “Oh, cool, how did you meet?” And she blushed.

“Just some online roleplaying game, heh, bit lame.” I became curious. At this point we had something in common, both meeting our other halves online.

“Really? Which one?”

“World of Warcraft.” She blushed harder.

“Really? Same here! We were in the same guild together! What server are you on?” Suddenly she stopped blushing and we got talking even more.

Sadly, I did finally get to Birmingham, but the last train back to my town had gone, so I had to get a taxi to my dad’s friend’s house to stay the night. That was a stressful night, but bumping into her really helped, it’s a shame we didn’t keep in touch.