Pilf’s Grand Tour is an excellent response to the Explorer Task! I think she is a wonderful writer, do read them all. Mine is a little different and you can see I’m pretty terrible at taking decent screenshots. The first one is Jaedi speaking, the last two are Fae.

Undercity: The Throne Room
This was actually a suggestion from Erc, to go sit in the throne room of the Ruins of Lordaeron and turn up your Ambience and listen. I did.

“Have you ever stopped to listen to the whispers of the past in Lordaeron? The cries of pain, of betrayal.. It brings a tear to my eye. The horrible events that occurred here, in this very room, are the very reason I can’t bring myself to care for or believe in humanity. There will always be betrayal, sadness, and often without reason.” – Jaedi.

It’s easy to forget when you’re going about your daily routine, that Lordaeron was once a thriving kingdom, ruled over by King Terenas Menethil, Arthas’ father. It is haunting when you stop to look around and listen. You can hear different echoes of the past in the various parts of Lordaeron and the bloodstain where Arthas killed his father can still be seen.

Searing Gorge: The Cauldron

“We have encountered and defeated Ragnaros in the past, yet the Cauldron remains as a reminder to us of the evil that is the Dark Iron Dwarves. They surround themselves by lava and worship a God who is too powerful to control? Madness. These are dark times..” – Fae.

Whilst charging around, getting a little more of Loremaster done on my Hunter I had to venture into ‘the Cauldron’ where I can see mechanical structures built into the rocks and a deep quarry. I have to say, though generally I’ve tended to hate this place in the past because it reminds me of BRD wipes and dust, the lore behind it has really won me over. So much that I took my Rogue here to level. The slaves of the Dark Iron down in the Slag Pit have been driven mad by their masters, and we don’t know for certain what they are digging for, it is thought to be Old God or Titan artifacts, but we can’t be certain.

Arathi Highlands: Faldir’s Cove

“I have to swim to this place called.. *checks soaking map* Faldir’s Cove. I’m told that I’ll be able to find a chunk of knowledge I didn’t previously know.. and I have to swim there. My hair’s getting wet, and NomNom really doesn’t like the water. Like there’s going to be anything there anyway, I’ve never heard any talk of… My God, that’s a pirate ship? In Arathi Highlands?! That’s beautiful!” – Fae

I had to check Faldir’s Cove for quests while I was doing Loremaster, because I didn’t believe there were really quests there, I’d never heard of it. Lo and behold there were a few, all granted to you by a crew of treasure hunting pirate gnomes and an ogre. The fact that this place is fairly difficult to get to means that you wouldn’t think about going there unless directed (which you aren’t unless tracking quest givers on Wowhead), which implies that this little spot is forgotten about almost. There are naga to kill and Blackwater Raiders in search of Elven Treasure, not to mention maps from their sunken ships to be able to navigate away. The solitude alone is quite beautiful.