In honour of Windsoar’s 6 month blogaversary (it’s a word!), she offered to be a muse, and share a few topics around to those who asked.

/cast Muse

Recently I shared my very own Trashy Love Story and I keep hearing all these references to a mysterious Dan figure. He even did your whiny day post for you!

While I won’t request your own TSL (unless you’d really like to go there), I’d like to know how the lovely duo spends their time in or out of game.

How We Met

Back in TBC, fairly early on, I decided to level a priest- yeah okay you’ve heard this one briefly before. The first guild I joined as Seithir is where I met Dan (or Ryyu, as you might otherwise know him). I can remember joining at level 67 and questing in Blade’s Edge Mountains and at one point wanting to get the COT: Durnholde Keep quest done. I must have asked in guild, because I know Dan came and tanked it for me and this was the first time I got to play with him (ingame you dirty sods). He probably insulted* me for jumping down at the wrong point and wiping us.. Anyway!

Honestly, when I first found out I was guilded with him, I suppose there was a bit of “What, THAT Ryyu?!” As at the time he was one of the ‘server celebrities’ in my eyes (yeah, the forum spammers) but I knew him as playing an Alliance Druid so I was a tad confused to find him playing a Blood Elf Paladin called ‘Ryyuswife’ (he named changed the second he could).

The first month or so I guess we played together a lot because I was willing to do instances, he was willing to tank (he didn’t get to very often, Prot Paladin in TBC), and I’m sure I was the only one willing to help him farm the Horseman’s Helm which never did bloody drop..

We didn’t get chatting properly until after the guild had semi fallen apart, and that’s when we started ‘going out’, so to say, you know the usual we have a lot in common and all that. We were fairly long distance to begin with, though I have heard of much worse distances, ours was a 7 hour train journey with a few changes in between. We now live together.

In Game

We’ve almost always played on the same server. In the past we’ve farmed instances, seasonal bosses, mount bosses, Zul’Gurub trash for rep, though these days we’ve really gone our own way in terms of game play. We’ll help each other out if needed, for example, I regularly farm the ZG mount bosses, quite desperate for a tiger to drop. I can solo it, but hey, I’m lazy, so Dan comes along and helps out which makes it 10 times faster. We’ve often been in the same raiding guild (most of TBC and a little of WotLK) but these days we seem to want different things from the game. I like the casual side of things, and when Dan raids he wants to see the content and try a few hard modes. I’m cool either way as long as it’s easy going.

We both like to play and try new classes, but neither likes to have levelling partners as such. We both get a case of “ooh shiny” and it’s not good for either of us to put that on the other! When I’m levelling, I personally like to run through an area, do all the level appropriate quests in my log, run back hand them in, alt tab a little, pop afk, carry on, move to another zone maybe, or perhaps join for an instance. I think Dan is a little of the same, with both of us at it we’d never get anything done together.


As I mentioned above, we live together, so we’re always getting up each other’s noses able to spend a bit of time together outside of the game. Fairly normal things, like ‘House nights’ which were originally (shock horror) nights we’d put aside to sit and watch through House boxsets, these days, it’s less specifically House, but other things as well, movies sometimes, for example, I’m finally watching Star Wars (I’M A BAD GEEK). Sometimes, we even venture to the fabled ‘outside’! I drive, because I’m awesome, sometimes we’ll go to the cinema and see a film, Alice in Wonderland next, and sometimes we’ll go out for a meal. At home, Dan does all the cooking, because he’s damn good at it.

Dan’s Note: True story, first time we instanced together, I PMed our then GM, “Ajaxx, where the hell did you get this tard from, wiped us already.”