Beggars, we all hate ’em right? People who, I’d assume, have level 80s (an old friend in TBC said he used to do this.. people would give him money to shut him up..), create a level 1, and run around the main city asking each and every person, “Just 1g plx, I need it.” How many times have you opened up a trade window, typed in 100g, not clicked trade and gone AFK, just to see their squirmy little reactions? No, I’ve never done that but it sounds hilarious!

Apparently on RP servers, the beggars are a little more original. I might have even caved for this guy!

The walk

The talk


I believe the “old war veteran’s” next outcry was, “21G! I’M RICH! YES!” Then the other guy got naked and asked, “Spare a coin for an old war criminal?” Some people just manage to put a smile on your face. 🙂