You may have realised by now that Argent Dawn is in fact an RP server. The first time I entered Silvermoon City, there were people slowly walking around like NPCs, talking to each other in Thalassian, it really does feel like another world entirely coming from a PvP server.

The other night, I believe it was Friday, we ventured into Silvermoon to check out the RP surroundings. It was funny! Of course, we stood around messing about, giggling away, and a rogue pops up and joins in. I felt a little sorry for him, he seemed to be making a genuine attempt to RP with us and was met with Sith’s remarks. If I’m honest, I think he was laughing at us.

There are the right ways to RP, and the wrong ways to RP, and I believe I’ve picked up a few tips:

  • (( )) = Out of character.
  • Don’t use smileys, and remember that if you bump into somebody your character hasn’t come across before, they wouldn’t know their name.
  • FlagRSP (RP mod) shouldn’t be used for back story, just things you can visibly see looking at a character, the aesthetics.
  • And stay away from de voodoo ‘mon’.

The things people do at crazy hours of the morning, eh? 😉

Sunday Link Love

I can’t possibly link love all of the awesome bloggers I’ve come across this week, but a very dear friend of mine has come over to the dark side. Not only has he enrolled in Single Abstract Noun but he’s caved in and started his own blog. Go over and say hello to Zalduun at Blessing of Fish!