Jaedi's current RP set, level 40.

A couple of nights back I was hanging around Dustwallow Marsh on Jaedi, my rogue on Argent Dawn. I was finishing off a few quests, glancing at guild chat and I noticed a couple of people were sharing their FlagRSP descriptions, how they want it to relate to their backstory and characters’ personality, and giving each other feedback. In that moment, Jaedi the Snobby Thief was born.

Some of you might read this and scoff, I can think of at least 3 of you who might, but ever since I started playing WoW 3 and a half years ago, and found out about the different types of servers (when I first started, I didn’t understand what ‘PvP’ and ‘PvE’ meant, I’d participated in a little by email story telling style roleplay in my teenage years so I knew what RP was, but nobody had really explained the different types of servers and what they’re individually like to me) I wanted to try roleplay in World of Warcraft. The creation of Single Abstract Noun on Argent Dawn (RP) has given me the perfect opportunity to try it.

The first place I started, really, was chatting to the guys in guild who were already on RP servers, getting a few tips. The first I received was about FlagRSP, a mod enabling you to add a small character description, available for others with the same mod to see, allocating a few physical details about your character and perhaps hinting to a part of their personality, without forcing ideas on people too much.

Next, I delved into a few blogs I know of. I’ll admit, in the past I’ve been pretty awful at reading RP related posts, but God damnit I’m going through archives now. Initially, I’m reading the ‘beginners guide to RP’ type posts, because I guess that’s all I really need to know, just to pick up a few tips from people who have been roleplaying for a while. A few I’ve found, which you should read and love if you haven’t already. Okay, some aren’t posts so much as archives I found interesting:

And I know some of these might sound a tad dodgy but they aren’t, I’ve read them all and don’t worry, I won’t be attempting any kind of relationship RP, or ERP, so there is none of that here. I am in a relationship in the real world and although RP is only acting, it would still feel wrong. This includes flirting. I respect people who do embark upon roleplaying relationships between characters, heck, I understand entirely. It is one depth my characters will never have though, not while I’m acting them.

The next place I will look into is creating my character. I threw together a few words while I was half asleep the other night, which I will be going over and improving (I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times, I’m never happy with my own ideas). She has a vague backstory, a small character description plopped into FlagRSP, and I’m thinking of taking her down the Thief route rather than Assassin, as I do love Pickpocketing and Lockpicking! I’m also eyeing up some pieces of gear I’d like to get hold of later on when she’s higher level, which I will take note of, and I will be playing with it in WoW Model Viewer.

The roleplay aspect of WoW is entirely new to me, and it’s giving me a new focus on the game at present. I’m enjoying just the idea so much that I’ve even given Fae, my main, a vague personality, who happens to be on a PvP server, born and bred, so she might never even get a chance to use it. The next task is to actually get involved in a little RP, throw my character out there and see how people respond, I think that is the fun part of it, creating a character and seeing how others react to her and how a story can develop. Squee!

Jaedi comes to the realisation that this guy looks a lot like Brian Blessed.