A fun, social guild. Single Abstract Noun is a guild made on Argent Dawn EU Horde-side for the blogging community. I would like to add, that the blogging community isn’t purely made up of bloggers, but also readers. This guild was created purely for fun and bringing people together, and I can vouch for both of these things. You can see Tam’s post today about how the first day went, and what you need to do to join (basically, make a character on Argent Dawn EU, log in, /who Single Abstract Noun, and whisper somebody in the guild for an invite), and his post yesterday for guild rules and such, there is no rule 6.

It is an RP server, though nobody is forcing you to RP, you can just pretend you’re really on a PvE server and stick your fingers in your ears and say, “LALALA! I’m not listening!” If you really don’t like the idea of an RP server. It is also a full server, in my opinion the biggest problem with population is finding a name that isn’t taken. I think I must have taken about half an hour before I settled on Jaediele for my cow shaman (thank you Heather) because some mooch stole Jaedia! I did make a hunter with the intention of keeping her BM, but I thought I’d try a different, “Just here to say hello!” alt, I always choose hunters and death knights. My cow shaman was very nearly a cow death knight, Jaedied has a certain ring to it, no? I started off with a blood elf priest called Jaedi, by level 4 decided I should level something I don’t already have at 80. So the cow shaman was born and this is probably the first time I’ve enjoyed a shaman at all, I’ll blame it on good company.

Of course, this is only one chapter of the guild. I believe Miss Medicina is setting up the US version of the same thing, so if you’re on the US servers and you’re sat there thinking, “Well, shit, I wanted to join, damn Europeans!” Don’t worry, you can join in too 😉

One warning though, if you want to get yourself a guild tabard, well.. Tam wanted something to match his hair so, you’ll have to make do with orange. Also, as the icon is based upon a certain pink pigtailed gnome, if you’re a female character, to quote Miss Medicina, “be prepared for “Nice jugs!” comments!” Look forward to seeing you ingame!