See the little goblin, see his little feet, see his little nosey-wosey, isn’t the goblin sweet?

I like to play the auction house a bit. I’m nowhere near as good as some of the goblins out there, and I don’t try to be, but I enjoy watching my gold supply go up. On my home server I have close to 40,000 gold server wide, epic flying for my four 80s that hang around there, my main character has over 100 vanity pets, both the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth and the motorbike. Basically, I make enough to have the frills and still have some leftovers, which is nice. So naturally, on this new server I’m trying to piece together a bit of gold. Of course, I’m nowhere near as good at it as Tobold (I think he was upto about 400g at level 17 last time we asked him, from his Northrend fishing venture), but so far I’ve made around 160 gold and I’m level 30, which isn’t too bad.

My method is quite simple really. I don’t use any auction house mods at the moment because, honestly, I deleted my WTF, Cache, and Interface folders a while back and couldn’t be bothered to reconfigure. So my auctions take me a little longer than they should do for now but I guess I’ll fix that eventually. I sell things I’ve picked up while playing, I buy raw epic gems, cut them, and resell them, and occasionally I use my Leatherworking to make an item and sell it, though recently that has been less successful. I undercut by 1 copper only, and my bid will be, generally, no lower than a gold less than the buyout price, in some situations I will set the bid price to the lowest I’m willing to sell the item for, though I only really do this with high selling items such as rare pets.

Sometimes, if I can be bothered, I’ll finish off quests in Northrend on various alts, do a few dailies, perhaps grind a little, which makes me a bit of gold and gives me something to do but mostly I don’t bother. It’s not necessary these days. The buying and reselling market makes me enough gold to not have to worry about it.

Starting again on Argent Dawn has given me a fresh perspective. No high level professions to help with gold, no heirlooms, just a character screen, a couple of gold from the guild bank if you feel you need it, and a pinch of initiative. I love thinking of ways to make money without the easy options!

I’ve tried buying items from the vendor and reselling to the auction house, some work well, some don’t. On my first day I sold a 12 slot herb bag for 50 gold, which paid for my 4x 16 slot bags, I haven’t sold one since. Prairie Dog Whistles sell quite nicely. However, the other faction pets, mind you I haven’t tried Dragonhawks yet, and various recipes don’t. It’s all trial and error. Certain things will eventually sell, for profession levelling or whatnot. Things like cloth and low level gems. I’ve sold a few Moss Agates and stacks of Linen Cloth, and the odd green I’ve picked up too.

I’ve been pickpocketting whatever I can for the spare copper, sometimes you find some interesting things, a few gems and a Pickled Murlocs Head for example, when I was in BFD. I’ve also been keeping my lockpicking levelled up, which has proved useful for locked chests, lockboxes, and again, the spare bit of copper.

It’s looking to me like the Wool Cloth market is going to be the best money maker, I’ve considered levelling a death knight to 60, just so I have something to farm with, but we’ll see. Perhaps doing the first few quests in Hellfire Peninsula would be a good idea.

A large part of my attempted gold making is having a character to send all of my unwanted items to, namely, my bank alt. My bank alt on Vashj was created with a random name in order to do my auctions in private, none of this, “I bought a gem from you today!” Which just ends with me feeling guilty. I keep its identity a secret! No guilt, and I can get stuff done without offending people. My bank alt on Terenas is a level 15 rogue I made in TBC and abandoned. I used her because she was close to a city and already had a few bags.

In my opinion, I think the best spots for bank alts are Orgrimmar, and Ironforge, because not only are the bank/auction house/mailbox fairly close together, it’s mostly running in a straight line.

Another great thing about bank alts is dressing them, I’ve seen a lot of people running about in Tuxedos and Pimp Sticks. Though I prefer casual dress. Each to their own. All in all, take care of your bank alts, because they’re people too.