I have a lot of time on my hands and I know how to level efficiently quite well when I enjoy a class enough. As such, my little SAN rogue has got to level 29 as I type this and I’m loving it to bits. I’ll quest a bit, try to stop the quests getting too green, between 14-19. 24-29, etc. I will try to do the PvP daily every day (I don’t bother in the 0-3 bracket because death isn’t as fun as dealing it). Sometimes I will try to PuG a little, without heirlooms I feel the need, or perhaps urge is a better word, to upgrade my gear is much higher than usual. In doing so.. I have found out a very interesting fact. Argent Dawn’s battlegroup scares me. I think the main reason Vashj’s battlegroup seems nice enough for using the looking for dungeon tool is that, well, Vashj is the dick server in our battlegroup and if I’m the only one from Vashj, the group is less likely to make me want to run screaming. Though honestly, even in the really bad ones I rarely do. I grabbed a few screenshots to demonstrate why.

Joke character? I hope…

Yes, this guy was wearing the dress from RFC to tank. Not only that but he was constantly moving from left to right, and all around, making it very difficult to DPS. Often the DPS would pull off of him and he needed on EVERYTHING. The priest didn’t like that he lost the Blackened Defias Armor to a rogue.

Whining for the sake of whining perhaps?

A few levels later I got into an RFK group, it seemed okay until..

You know, saying ‘please’ and calling people by their name rather than class goes a long way

I looked away for a minute to speak to Dan, turned around and saw some very impatient spamming. If he’d said “Jaedi, would you mind killing the totems please?” Then sure, I wouldn’t have minded at all, it was just the way he demanded his way through the instance, and the more he spammed the more I ignored him and just focus nuked the mob placing the totems instead. I won’t be that bad later on but this guy got on my nerves. In fact, later in the instance I killed a couple of totems, missed one, and he spammed again so yes, I stopped. He ended up on my ignore list later on.

A racist tank… why oh why didn’t I report these guys?

To clarify, upon joining the party, one of the warriors asked the shaman where he was from. He replied Turkey, the warrior said he was from Greece. The 2 warriors then spammed a bit in Greek and made up some bullshit about being hungry. After pulling the entire room and GETTING MY POOR LITTLE ROGUE BUTT KILLED, they left the party. This is when I got the impression that Dragonmaw is the dick realm in this battlegroup.

Fae and NomNom

And Fae says hi.