People ask me a lot, because the truth is I always loved raiding. Initially, it is what World of Warcraft was designed for, it’s where a lot of the big chunks of lore lies, and it is the best place to play together with people you like.

However, this expansion has really killed my love for raiding. I can’t even blame it on the terrible Trial patch because, truth be told, my love of raiding started dying during Ulduar, and ask anybody I’ve spoken to about Ulduar, I really think that was the highlight of Wrath of the Lich King. A big, beautiful, well designed raid instance, with amazing vehicles, the trains and the teleports, the bosses are insane and fun, the hard modes are enjoyable or at least give you unique ways to activate them.. but I had to quit raiding after my guild downed General Vezax. At this point, it wasn’t even due to guild drama, it had just become too much pressure having to be ‘the best’ at your game, raiding for several hours a night 4 or 5 times a week with 10 mans and alt runs on off nights. I quit raiding then and hung up my Shadow Priest. I’ll be honest, my guild at the time spoke to each other pretending they were all ‘gangsta’ which was quite annoying but realistically they were a fun bunch of guys who I liked playing with and I genuinely felt bad leaving them.

I took that opportunity to play on another server, because I can’t stand my home server honestly. There is way too much “wowcock” flying around, and not so much of the awesome, fun community it had going in Vanilla and to an extent in TBC (I didn’t play much in Vanilla, but I’d seen old forum posts and heard stories). I’d made a silly Night Elf Death Knight with bright pink hair called ‘Soupdragon’, as a response to a guy on my server called ‘Clangers’ (who wasn’t named after the TV show, but I was!) on an old friends’ server, Terenas, back on the day the Ulduar patch hit when my then guild was waiting for the servers to go up and I was bored, so I decided to give that a go, I’d been wanting to level a Death Knight, it was a new place, a PvE server so no ganking, and I knew somebody there.

Somebody I sort of knew from Vashj via Dan jumped at the chance of following me over, “Oh! My first character is on Terenas! A level 60 Night Elf Hunter! We can level together!” Another thing people who know me should know.. I don’t like questing with people. Instances, group quests, PvP.. anything but questing. I’m a solo leveller, it’s how I work best. I go AFK too much, I like to alt tab at my own will as well. I like to gather all quests, pound them out, and hand them all in, wandering off to pick flowers or steal some minerals from the sides of hills. If you add somebody else in there, they get frustrated with me. So, that was a tad annoying, but another friend came over to play around and we had some laughs, that’s what kept me there I suppose. After a while, the first guy revealed himself to be a big selfish whiny emo, which annoyed the crap out of me.. His signature was “Meh >.>” I swear. One day I told him my nanny was in hospital, he went quiet and started whining about PvP. Anyway, I believe I’m going off on a tangent, so I’ll fast forward to Respice Finem.

Soupdragon was 80 and I’d been levelling a Draenei Hunter because I kind of missed the class, Jaedia (the Hunter) was at 74 just doing Jewelcrafting dailies while I quested on Soup to save for her epic flying. During an instance run I bumped into a Retribution Paladin who seemed pretty cool and we did one or two heroics with some guys in his guild after (you might know this Paladin as ‘Zalduun‘ ;)). They were fun people! And they were apparently impressed with me, so I applied, they were a social guild raiding Naxx with the occasional Ulduar 10 and I figured I had nothing to lose. If I didn’t like it I didn’t have to stay long that’s what trial periods are for. I offered my hunter as well, hearing they were short on hunters, and they took me to a raid to see how I played and asked if I could join on my hunter if I didn’t mind. So I got levelling.

Respice Finem was a lot of fun for me. I was so used to the be the best you can be and show up to every raid else you miss out on too much DKP attitiude that I’d forgotten what raiding was really like. They struggled in Naxx, and I liked that. I’d facerolled my way through with Supreme and Endure it was nice to meet a challenge again! I got chatting to a few people in the guild, Zalduun of course, and also Elsen. The pair of them were awesome and I’m going to have to blame them for my starting up blogging again. I had an old unused blog which I rarely posted on at the time. The rest of the guild seemed pretty awesome too, though I wasn’t a fan of the other hunter.. I can’t really put my finger on why, perhaps it’s because he shared a name with an ex friend, I don’t know. I also took it upon myself to help out, and do a few basic starter guides for DPS classes on the forums to help out, this was a lot of work and I never finished the job before I left.

Note: This post became so long I’ve had to split it into 2 parts, check back tomorrow for the rest.