Jaedia’s Note: Upon hearing that today was ‘Blog Whining Day’ or something of the sort, invented by Klepsacovic, I thought to myself, “Well, what exactly can I whine about? My past couple of posts haven’t been particularly positive, so I guess I won’t participate.” I mentioned it to Dan, and hey ho here’s a guest post.

PS. He likes swearing. A lot.

PPS. He’s also Welsh.

I call these days “everyday”. Hannah can’t whine, she is weak in the ways of the force, so I’ll whine for her since I’m ALWAYS angry.


On levelling a new Alt.

Skipping quest bosses in low level instances. Gnomer and Uldaman are the worst cases of this, it takes 1 minute more to kill the damn Dark Iron boss. If you had better things to do with your time, you wouldn’t be levelling another alt would you.

Hunters needing on cloth or spell power items. This is such a cliché but oh good lord does it happen. Apparently having the word arcane in one of their fucking moves puts them in the Kirin Tor.

People whining when they lose an item because they’ve been grinding this boss for AAAAAGES and it’s a MUUUUCH bigger upgrade for them than it is for you. NO IT’S NOT IT’S A LEVELING ITEM AND WE ARE LEVELING, PISS OFF. Added bonus internets to the guy who said they’d been farming Gnomer for the shield “like 20 times” and if it drops people should pass, only to then get the fucking achievement for killing the last guy.

Hunters/warlocks putting their pets on aggressive, or having growl/torment on, or sending in their pet to a pack, then when it dies, whine at the oom healer or tank.

“Lol your DPS is low.” People who say this in any instance should drown. I’m lucky enough to usually be top on account of my rogue being twinked up the anus, but poor Johnny random mage who’s still learning what a Fireball does and what the hell a spell power is probably won’t be doing super awesome DPS compared to an heirloom wearing cock shite who’s playing proud cock ‘cus his guild’s downed the first 3 in ICC 10 man. So shut up and let them learn how to play, since I’m QUITE sure that’s what you do when you’re fucking levelling.

“Oh yeah well my main has XXX epic and XXX run and we’ve downed XXX boss” if you have to say this out loud to justify yourself, you haven’t done any of this, you’ve just watched the Tank Spot videos.

People who dont run in when they die, they sit there and wait for you to res the, FUCKING RRRRRR

On being in Dalaran and the joys of Trade chat

Gear Score.

Demanding achievements when you don’t have them yourself.

Mocking people’s gemming when you have fucking 40 attack power gems Mr Deathknight.

Gear Score.

Ever using the phrase “lol I gemmed like this ‘cus Kurgan/randompersonfromabigguild did” SHOCK NEWS PEOPLE FROM GOOD GUILDS CAN STILL BE SHIT, STOP BEING A SHEEP AND DO SOME REAL RESEARCH/THEORY.

People who spam their macro 2-3 times at once to make sure people see it, I don’t know if this is just Vashj but HOLY SHIT STOP IT.

Gear score.

People who use mammoths on mail boxes without realising that a) there are about 17,000 mail boxes in Orgrimmar and b) you can just Shift V and click on their name. Stop it, you’re just looking silly.

People who say “lol go to Wowhead,” either answer the question or shut the fuck up.



People who won’t eat Veal because it’s cruel to kill young animals, but WILL EAT LAMB WHICH ARE KILLED YOUNGER….WHAT…

People who say “lol”, sorry it means to laugh, if you’re fucking laughing WE KNOW YOU’RE LOLING. I don’t eat a fucking sandwich and randomly go “Chew!” out loud do I?

The Welsh Rugby team. What the fuck guys?

Stubborn, ill informed idiots. God, sometimes it’s like arguing with a brick wall, only the wall is retarded and doesn’t so much as “miss” the point, as it couldn’t see the point if the point was the size of Lady Gaga’s cock.

People who mock comics or games or call whatever gay, then watch 90/80 minutes of teams of 22/30 men sweating and grunting in mud every weekend. TOTALLY NOT GAY. Now if you excuse me I have cyber women to ogle.

Knowing I’ll never be as awesome and funny as David Gorman or Charlie Brooker.

That no one will follow me on Twitter, its like talking to yourself…

Anyway, I have more but I wanna watch screen wipe again so cya.