Around New Year’s, I did a post detailing my WoW goals for 2010, with my imminent server transfer, I thought now would be a nice time to check my progress.

  1. Complete Loremaster before Cataclysm.” Check! Finished this one on Monday. My timing actually changed to “before I faction change” because of the way quests work when you faction change, my progress would have been wiped losing me several hundred quests already complete. Now I shouldn’t need to worry about it too much.
  2. Reach 10,000 Honourable Kills.” Um.. yeah.. *hides* I’m still only at 2400ish. I got around 40 last night while defending Thunder Bluff though. That counts, right?
  3. Finish the AQ quest chain.” Well, I’ve got started. I need to get some goggles from Molten Core, snaffle some Goblin Rocket Fuel, and find Draconic for Dummies II. I’m a little further than I was when I made the goal and I intend to get a fair bit done over the next few weeks, but it’s not finished yet.
  4. Gear up all of my 80s with the BiS gear available from 5 mans.” You know, I have tried. Thing is, running heroics over and over gets pretty damn boring especially when you’re on your own and all you seem to get is some kind of sequence between Old Kingdom, Halls of Stone, and Gundrak. My Warlock and Priest are pretty much at the point I want them, my Death Knight and Paladin could use some work.
  5. Level Hadlo my warlock to 80.” Success! Once at 80, I decided I needed to race change, I’m not a fan of the female Undead model. So she became Jaedia the Blood Elf Warlock. She can craft plenty of useful gems with her Jewelcrafting which has made me a pile of gold, her mining is levelled, and she has epic flying. Only thing she is missing is the cloak from 5 man TotC HC, or the BoE one from Faction Champions 25.
  6. Level Kensa my 65 fecow druid.” She’s been levelled to 68 and her Alchemy is maxed. So she can do everything I needed her to do. Might level a Druid on Terenas instead at some point. I like my alts to compliment my main with their professions and such.
  7. Level Jaedi my draenei warrior and see how much gold she can make 1-80.” Deleted. I made her a female Human instead called Briella. She made it to 25 before I saw something shiny. She’ll be next after the Rogue I think. On the topic of ‘see how much gold she can make’, I’m testing that on Argent Dawn, completely new server, no heirlooms, etc. and I’ve made about 3500g so far at level 62 (barely touched Hellfire quests), so not too bad!
  8. Level my rogue.” I’ve been levelling *a* Rogue, just not the specific Rogue I meant. This will be my next 80, I’m determined.
  9. Same as above for my mage, they’re both in the 20s.” My Mage reached level 41 before I came close to quitting and then SAN was formed and I started focusing on my Rogue instead. If I level a Mage now, it’ll probably be on Terenas. Shame really, abandoning my first Blood Elf at level 41.
  10. I’d also like to get 100 mounts on Fae.” I will go back to working on this at some point, it is going to require a few drops, mind you I can get a few mounts while I’m grinding back upto Crusader when I faction change, and I think I can afford 1 or 2 PvP mounts with my 630 Stone Keeper’s Shards, so I’ll get there.
  11. Finally finish getting my Rusted Proto Drake.” SO DESPERATE FOR THIS. I’ve mentioned it in my to do list before I transfer, and it really bugs me that it’s the only achievement I need, and always will. The same way it bugs me knowing that I finally had a bear group (back in the ZA days) and the main tank buggered off after he got his..
  12. Finish all holiday achievements.” Yarp, working on it. Just need Children’s Week and Midsummer now. I seem to be one of a rare few that quite likes the Violet Proto Drake, which is cool, because I’ll have 2 when I finish my meta. My Priest being my main for so long before completed this at Christmas. Yep, my alt has the Violet Proto Drake before my main.
  13. Find and kill Loque’nahak.” Done and received Frostbitten! This would have been a couple of months ago now, I was so proud of myself. I’d say Frostbitten and Bloody Rare are harder than Loremaster because it depends on chance. Being in the right place at the right time and hope you kill it before somebody else can.
  14. Get Chef and Salty.” I got Chef, need 9 more recipes for 160 cooking recipes. Salty is probably one of the next I will work on, I need to get my fishing head on first. Not to mention the Rat pet and Turtle mount, I need to try and fish those up too.
  15. 40 Exalteds.” I’m on 37 at the moment, though I think I’ll lose one when I transfer because I have Tranquillien the Blood Elf lowbie faction. I pugged my way to Black Temple and Mount Hyjal exalted, and I just need Ashen Verdict, Argent Dawn, Thorium Brotherhood, and probably Frostwolf for my last one.

Count: 3.5/10 – a lot in progress and a few have changed over the past few months. I can safely say that my new goals are as follows:

  1. Finish the AQ chain.
  2. Complete BB King.
  3. Achieve One Light in the Darkness.
  4. Take over some gold, heirlooms and things to sell when I faction change and server transfer.
  5. Level my Rogue on Argent Dawn to 80.
  6. Gear up my Death Knight.
  7. Level my Human Warrior on Terenas to 80.
  8. Get Salty, plus Rat pet, and Turtle mount.
  9. 40 Exalteds, only a few left.
  10. Complete Children’s Week and Midsummer for the holiday meta.
  11. Reach 10,000 honourable kills.
  12. Obtain 100 mounts.

Anything else I feel like doing will be done as and when I’m in the mood. I make these lists because I enjoy the game more with certain goals in mind, even if I never actually reach those goals. I first and foremost play for fun.