My net was down for the entire day on Wednesday, this gave me the time to type up two blog posts, which I never really ended up posting because I spent a large amount of time tidying my blogroll page, character page, and useful links page instead.

The first was a post for April Fool’s, though I didn’t want to do the usual trickery (changing the blog theme to ‘I heart Edward Cullen’, telling everybody I quit, joking about a new addition for something, those kinds of things), I decided to do a lore post. No, not a real one, but I have a lot of curiosity towards the origins of April Fool’s Day, so I decided to tell the story of how it came to be in Azeroth. I don’t know if you remember around Christmas time, for my Secret Santa I wrote a ‘How the Kaluak Spend Their Christmas‘ for Shawndra over at Escapist Scrawl. Probably not, but I wanted to do something a little like that. I know it’s now April 2nd, but as I’m not pranking you, it’s cool.

April Fool’s Day in Azeroth? You may laugh, but let me tell you the origins of Foolish John’s Day, then perhaps you won’t.

There was once a man named John. He was an idealitistic sort of man, he was always looking towards the future and saying “one day..” of course, that ‘one day’ never seemed to come. People would laugh at him, “Oh that idealistic fool is at it again!” He wished for all sorts of strange things, ranging from the fairly normal to the outright weird. Peace on Azeroth, happiness for his King, more rights for critters, the ability to dye his hair purple, and he would always end each of his rants with a sigh, “One day…”

He was an utter laughing stock, to the point that people started pranking the poor bloke. They would disguise Noggenfogger’s Elixir as hair dye, hand him petitions to sign for critter rights, one time they had him looking for this Orc’s wife for days, he never did find her. He was extremely gullible.

John became so infamous for his folly that people from across Azeroth would travel for days just to prank him, and he always fell for it. Sadly, one day, he fell for a prank a little too hard.. and passed away quite suddenly. The people who spent so much time teasing him felt so much guilt. Whilst he may have been an idealistic fool, he was a kind man and didn’t deserve death. So in honour of him, they marked April 1st (his birthday, they didn’t want to remember him for his death, rather for his life) as ‘April Fools Day’ or ‘Foolish John’s Day’ and proceeded to lightly prank each other on this day every year and drink until merry.

Happy April Fool’s!

Belated 😉

The second I may or may not post tomorrow.