A couple of you may know already that I’m trying to read through Pratchett’s Discworld novels from the beginning, The Colour of Magic. As a result, I’ve found something that reminded me very much of C’Thun – Bel-Shamharoth.

“Bel-Shamharoth (also known as the “Soul-Eater,” the “Soul-Render,” or the “Sender of Eight”) is an ancient, dark god for whom the description “evil” is inappropriate; “negative” and “void” might be better terms. Bel-Shamharoth is all suckers, tentacles, mandibles, and one giant eye.” – Discworld & Pratchett Wiki.

Of course, they both found their influences in Lovecraft, although, it’d be nice to think that Cthun was a reference to Pratchett, don’t you think?