This blog post is brought to you as a product of Rage™. No, it’s not Ryyu, it’s Jae. Bear with me, I’ll be back to the rainbows and snuggles tomorrow.

Snarky Elitist Who Can’t Even Play Their Own Class. Look, I’m cool with people who struggle to play as well as others, there’s no rule saying you have to read and live by the ten commandments of Elitist Jerks, but if you’re going to be elitist and look down your nose at other people for being “bad” at their respective classes, at least know your class inside-fucking-out, because IT MAKES NO SENSE. Stop being bitchily snarky at people for no real reason, it doesn’t make you cool, it makes people want you to piss off.

Those Who Think They’re Awesome 4chan Trolls. YOU’RE NOT. You sound like irritating little children, and at best, pathetic little bullies! The real 4chan trolls can on a rare occasion be funny, the kind I’m talking about are mimicking other people’s behaviour. You know what that makes you? Fucking sheep! Talk like a normal human being, ‘lololol’ is not a word, and get your own fucking opinions.

The Two Who Openly Flirt Outside The Bank. SHUT THE FUCK UP. Everybody who ever mentions you wants you to fuck off. And what the hell does <99p even mean? You stand there chatting away in /say about absolute bollocks, whatever happened to whispers? Party chat? Heck, as far as I know, you’re the only two in your guild! You’re not funny and you’re not cool. You’re just annoying. And you make me fucking miss ‘tee hee girls’. Swear to God. Here’s a screenshot for those of you who don’t believe how annoying this is.

People Who Still Harp On About Gearscore And Trash DPS. News flash: Gearscore is pointless and high trash DPS can be achieved by spamming 1 button over and over.. Having 6k gearscore and doing 15k trash DPS does not, in fact, make you “L33T”. It means you have picked up some gear and can press a button over and over, CONGRATULATIONS! Nobody cares. Harp on about that 15k DPS when it’s achieved on a boss fight (excluding buffed fights such as Hodir) when you’re doing the jobs you’re assigned to and THEN I’ll be impressed. Oh, and if you post meters in guild purely to boast? Sod off. For those of you about to defend gearscore: it can be cheated. A gear inspection is much, much better.

Those Who Literally Threaten Other People. When you threaten somebody, tell them that you’re going to kill them.. you’re actually pathetic. This is a game. Idiot. You don’t have a gun. You’re not going to anybody’s house. And you most definitely DON’T LOOK COOL. In fact, I think their words speak louder than mine in analysing how utterly pathetic they really are if they choose to resort to a threat on somebody’s life.

The Dick Of The Server. Every server has one, the guy who thinks they are utterly awesome for some reason or another. Will probably spam /2 or show off in Orgrimmer/Ironforge about something they ninjad and all the idiots of the server will throw “ooh aahs” at their epeen. JUST NO. STOP. Those legendaries you’re parading around like some kind of retarded disco? The people who you actually want to impress know you didn’t earn them and we all think you’re a fucking inbred idiot. And that guy in the top guild you’re licking the arse of? Note how he’s not getting you into his guild? Yeah, he thinks you’re a moron. He’s right. GET THE FUCK OVER YOURSELF.

PS. The title for this post came from The Mana Obscura. I had a rant on Twitter about needing to release a bit of rage that’s been building up, all that being nice I do? It takes it’s toll when you’re holding back from yelling at dicks. Fanks! Feel much better now.