After trying to catch up on my reader a little I came across a post from Icedragon stating that she wishes her Cataclysm to remain unspoiled and I’d like to add – me too. I’m cool knowing class changes, I’d like to go into the expansion with a vague knowledge of class changes: talents, pets, gear/stats, things like that so that I don’t spend hours wondering why the heck I have energy and how to use it, I can get on with seeing the new areas instead, which is the part I’d like to be unspoiled. The lore (that hasn’t yet been spoiled), the quests, zones, NPCs, little funny things that it would be nice to remain unspoiled. I want to see everything on the day, that’s the part that makes a new expansion so fun for me: the discovery of new things. It feels like Christmas!

All I’m asking is just to know, if you plan to write about these things, please make it obvious enough in your title or the first couple of lines, or let me know in advance to put your blog aside until the expansion hits.