Egg hunting.

That’s the key to this festival. Some eggs will turn your character into a pink bunny which somehow manages to poop tiny sparkly coloured eggs. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. You will need roughly.. 315 eggs. You might as well do the daily as it’s a bit of gold you can pick up while you farm eggs. The other quest gives you a basket, I think you only have to pick this up to get a basket, but the quest reward is permanent and you get a little gold. The basket makes you run at 60% speed for 10 seconds so you should get one, equip it, and keybind it to 1 or whatever you prefer, while you’re running around collecting eggs. This only works during Noblegarden.

You can find eggs in all nooks and crannies of every starting zone. It’ll be the places you go around level 5-12, so, Falconwing Square, Razorthorn Hill, Brill and Bloodhoof Village for Horde. Azure Watch, Goldshire, Dolanaar and Kharanos for Alliance. You’ll want to hover your mouse over corners, bushes, under carts, on top of lamp posts, and strafe around the buildings, and be fast because other people won’t be so civil.


You’ll need to eat 100 chocolates, collected from the eggs you find in low level villages, for Chocoholic. The first achievement you see is Chocolate Lover, to eat 25 chocolates, after that you need to eat 75 more. You can get lucky and find everything you need to buy in the eggs, and you have to discover the clothes in eggs to get those achievements. Once you’ve hunted all of your eggs, that’s the easy part.

You’ll have to travel around each low level village to find your Spring Rabbit, which can drop in the eggs or you can buy it, love for Spring Fling, all you have to do is have your Spring Rabbit near somebody else’s Spring Rabbit in each listed village to get achievement credit.

To complete the Hard Boiled achievement in Ungoro Crater, you’ll need somebody with you to turn you into a bunny using a Blossoming Branch (which can drop in the eggs, be bought, or gained from the daily quest) near the hot springs, and then you just have to wait for one of those tiny sparkly pooped eggs to appear under your butt. You might get lucky and find there are people there already, or you may need to go with a friend. I’ve also heard that it may be possible to get bunnied in Dalaran, or in one of the lowbie villages and then hearth back, take the Caverns of Time portal, and run to Ungoro Crater. This is a longer option and you’ll be best not to afk on the way, and Aspect of the Cheetah/Pack should make you run faster too, but if you struggle it may be worth trying. As long as your bunny self can poop eggs in the Ungoro Hot Springs, you’re good to go.

To hide a Noblegarden Egg in the city listed for Noble Garden, Stormwind for Alliance, and Silvermoon for Horde, you have to buy one from a vendor and take it inside the city and hide it along the edges. Simple. The egg costs 5 chocolates and once placed, you can loot it like any other Brightly Coloured Egg.

Shake Your Bunny Maker cannot be completed by having a friend create level 1 alts of each race, because they have to be of 18th level! Yes, it’s a comment on what you think it is. No underage Bunny Making please. To complete this, you’ll need a bouquet of Spring Flowers and to find a female of each race, Horde and Alliance. You might as well complete your faction in your main cities, and it’s always fun watching the piles of people stalking the other faction’s section of Dalaran, waiting for the Female Dwarf or Orc to hearthstone in.

Desert Rose requires you to wear Spring Robes, which you can get from eggs or buy with chocolates. You have to use the robes in Silithus, Thousand Needles, the Badlands, Tanaris, and Desolace.

You will also need to kiss somebody who is wearing an Elegant Dress while you wear a Tuxedo Pants and Shirt, for Blushing Bride.

A list of everything you can buy, and their prices.

  • Noblegarden Egg – 5 Chocolates
  • Blossoming Branch – 10 Chocolates
  • Spring Flowers – 50 Chocolates
  • Spring Robes – 50 Chocolates
  • White Tuxedo Shirt – 25 Chocolates
  • Black Tuxedo Pants – 25 Chocolates
  • Elegant Dress – 50 Chocolates
  • Spring Circlet – 50 Chocolates
  • Spring Rabbit’s Foot – 100 Chocolates
  • Tome of Polymorph: Rabbit – 100 Chocolates [Mage only]

Other Guides

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Happy Chocolate Egg Day!