Recently, I have come across a few blogs that go over outfit ideas for your characters based on professions, season, etc. The blogs I found are all in my blogroll under ‘Fashion’.

I love making my characters look good. I spend hundreds of gold in the barbers, and I’m constantly browsing for interesting looking items for my Rogue. So, I thought I’d start a new series over here, “Playing Dress Up”. I would like to dress up my bank alt a bit, to start, who is currently a level 15 Night Elf Rogue I stopped levelling back in TBC, so these items will be useable between levels 1 and 15. I’ve stuck to cloth items so your class isn’t limited at all, and the look I was going for was ‘smart/classy’, after all, this is a bank alt not a mailbox dancer 😉 If you’d like to see the images a little bigger, simply click on them.

I’ll start with 2 outfits which are fairly commonly used. The Tuxedo made by tailors, with the hat and the pimp stick from Dalaran fishing dailies. Followed by the Lovely Black Dress except I’ve covered up a little underneath.

If a set cannot be used at level 1, I have said so, if you don’t want to level that much, then feel free to find a different item in place of the level requiremented one. Where I have included 2 items in the same slot, it is the same model, one might be easier to get for you than the other.

1. Tuxedo Shirt/White Tuxedo Shirt + Tuxedo Pants/Black Tuxedo Pants + Tuxedo Jacket + Diamond-tipped Cane + Battered Jungle Hat + Recruit’s Boots.

2. Lovely Black Dress + Stylish Black Shirt + Neophyte’s Pants.

Now, I’ve had a browse through Wowhead and the following outfits, in my opinion, suit the smart/casual auction house banker. This can be easily mix and matched if you wish to. Being for a low level bank alt, they are nothing overly extravagant but they will do.

3. This set requires level 15: Aboriginal Vest + White Linen Shirt + Acolyte’s Pants + Journeyman’s Boots + Frayed Belt/Tattered Cloth Belt

4. This set requires level 13: Barbaric Cloth Vest + White Linen Shirt + Apprentice’s Pants + Squire’s Boots + Frayed Belt/Tattered Cloth Belt

5. This set requires level 10: Darkmoon Vest + Formal White Shirt + Neophyte’s Pants + Recruit’s Boots + Ancestral Belt

6. This set requires level 15: Whispering Vest + Orange Mageweave Shirt + Apprentice’s Pants + Journeyman’s Boots + Journeyman’s Belt

7. This set requires level 5: Light Magesmith Robe + Stylish Green Shirt + Frayed Shoes + Disciple’s Sash

8. This set requires level 4: Violet Robes + Bright Yellow Shirt + Acolyte’s Shoes + Thin Cloth Belt/Light Cloth Belt

9. Acolyte’s Robe + White Swashbuckler’s Shirt + Frayed Shoes + Thin Cloth Belt/Light Cloth Belt (though it looks good without a belt too)

PS. I recommend you check the Wowhead links for availability of the item, a lot of the things I used can be obtained from Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad. Of course, there are low level starting zone items too which aren’t Bind on Pickup and can be traded between characters and the neutral auction house if you wish to.

PPS. I may have missed things because there is a lot to go through, if you find an item you feel is great for a bank alt, feel free to leave a comment.