…are really worth celebrating.

Sidenote: Love the Tim Burton-esque signs in the Undercity!

I finally finished Loremaster! Woohoo!

I have a to-do list before I transfer, some of it may not reach completion *sniff* but:

  • Finish the AQ chain which I’m partway through
  • Finish the Quel’dalar chain which I’m halfway through
  • Do BB King because Dan promised he’d help me with it
  • One Light – I doubt I’ll get a successful group, but it’s been the last achievement I need since roughly October, I’m more than a little desperate by now.
  • Remember to stock up on gold, heirlooms and whatever else I want to bring with me
  • Think of a name as both Fae and Jaedia are taken (if you have any ideas that fit a Draenei Hunter and perhaps a variant on Fae, please, please leave a comment, I’m drawing a blank!)

Just a few things I’d really like to finish without transfers and faction changes messing them up at all.