Many of you know about my Night Elf Death Knight, Soupdragon. Her name was a response to somebody on my old server called ‘Clangers’. I loved the Clangers as a kid, and one day, back when Ulduar was being released, I couldn’t resist creating a Death Knight with pink hair, now that I finally could create a Death Knight on other servers without the need for a level 55 character on that server, called Soupdragon to pester a friend I had on Terenas. Thinking about it, she was a Night Elf so that I could finally have a kitty mount.

A little bit later, after I was burnt out from being forced to hardcore Ulduar at the start, I grew bored and decided to play her a little bit. A couple of friends joined me, convinced me to try Unholy, then I really started to enjoy it and levelled her all the way to 80.

It was Children’s Week when I had levelled her to 58 and got to Stormwind and I’d already finished the achievements on my Priest. I really couldn’t resist getting Soup a Mr Wiggles to keep her company.

She has had this little piggy by her side since she regained her memories and her willpower, and to this day remains the only one of my characters with an attachment to a minipet. There is something awesome about a tortured Death Knight, whose best friend is a tiny, cute piggy. A year on, he is still very much by her side.