This post may well be a tad late, after all, the transfer went through on Friday night and it’s now Monday, but if I didn’t live up to my blog title I’d be lying to you all.. right? Anyway, I wanted to get this post out there because I’m still pretty darn excited about my main finally being the race I love, and on the server I feel most comfortable.

I mentioned that the transfer went through on Friday night, and I know it says “upto 5 days” but those few hours I was waiting I was getting so impatient (it didn’t help that when I tried to watch Spirited Away, the film would randomly skip back to the beginning and I’d lose my place), and worrying that the transfer hadn’t actually gone through, that when I finally got the email I may have squeed just a little bit. So we put the faction change through, I popped on, decided to go against the look a little from what I have been posting, and it took me so long to think of a name that when I tried to call her ‘Faelysia’, it shouted at me! The name is available but I had to go with ‘Faesiala’, which I don’t really want to admit but it reminds me of ‘Tikka Masala’. Sigh, my brain sucks. Miss Sophie, you are awesome!

When I logged in I had mods in my face and bags that looked something like this:

The screenshot was taken just before I transferred and don’t judge my bunny sticks!

This time the change felt right and I enjoyed it, after the initial, “Oh God, I’m actually leaving the server I’ve played on for 3 years!”. Some of you may remember Fae’s being an Orc for 3 days, which I didn’t enjoy so much. Turning her into a Draenei was almost the opposite of that. The moment I logged in it felt comfortable, apart from Zal complaining that he couldn’t whisper me, and that some parts of the game told me that my name was Faesiala and some parts said Faelysia. That was fixed with a relog though.

The next thing I did, before fixing my macros, was play with my new mounts! I have around 75 so I had fun running around on Rams and Kitties and checking out the Swift Alliance Steed for a while, this just goes to show that I’m a sucker for anything new and shiny. Oh! And the fact that my Sunreaver Dragonhawk became a Silver Covenant Hippogryph! I’ve wanted that mount for about a year, it’s so pretty. Once I’d finished all of that, I quickly got started on my Valiant dailies (Yay. I’m the lucky devil that gets to re-do her Tournament dailies until she gets Crusader again).

On the Saturday, I was reminded of the Kal’uak fishing contest. I’d like to aim for Salty soon so I’m trying to win one of the contests in the coming weeks, gotta love El’s Extreme Anglin’ guides. I decided to fish in Howling Fjord because I’d be able to hear the shouts when somebody won the contest, there are a lot of pools fairly close together, and not only do I have a chance to get the Turtle at the same time, but also the Dark Herring. The best part of this? Knowing that I couldn’t have been ganked. I’ve really, really missed that. I can’t stand forced world PvP. One of the earlier reasons I didn’t like Vashj so much, and when you have friends on a PvP server, the last thing you want to hear is, “If you don’t like it move to a PvE server.” Yeah, cheers, that helps. Tangent! I didn’t win, but NomNom enjoyed the fish. We think that’s why I’m not winning these things, NomNom’s eating everything. It’s plausible.

A little bit after the contest, I was told that there was a Black Temple fun run going on. I got myself exalted with Ashtongue Deathsworn and Scale of the Sands a while back from pugs on Vashj, but I love Black Temple so I tagged along after I’d popped out. I missed the first couple of bosses but Najentus and Supremus aren’t too bad to miss, though now I’m Alliance I WANT to see a Gnome tanking Supremus. It was fun apart from me finding out that my microphone is very much borked, they couldn’t hear me at all on vent. It wasn’t muted, and when I turn on mic boost I get this lovely high pitched screech in my ear which gives me an instant headache. Shame I can’t afford a decent one, maybe a £20-30 one in a few weeks time.. will see. Sparkly ponies are important! Oh yeah, and I yoinked the Cursed Vision because I loves it.

That reminded me that I wanted to get Fae an RP set. Originally, when she was a Blood Elf, I wanted the shoulders and trash polearm from Sunwell, the Illidan bow, and the rest Tier 6. Now? Upgraded Beaststalker’s. Okay, and the bow from Illidan, but I found the Halberd of Smiting in my bank, which looks fecking awesome. I’ll be adding “farm Beaststalker’s” to my to do list.

One last thing, because I haven’t done this in a while, a little bit of link love.

Firstly, blogs that I have recently discovered that I’d like to mention:

  • Underwear Optional – I found Undies’ blog during the Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt and added her to my reader, her writing style is lovely.
  • Orcish Army Knife – Found Rades a few weeks ago but I don’t seem to have link loved him yet! Another Hunter blog.
  • The ‘mental Shaman – Pewter has also recently put up a new theme and it looks awesome. Took me a while to note the pun in the name too.. wasn’t until Ophelie pointed out there was one that I clicked.
  • OddCraft – A blogger who enjoys pointing out strange things and ranting about lore. Love it!
  • Murloc Parliament – Somebody many of us know and love has recently made a return, and with a parliament of murlocs? Woop!

Secondly, a couple of posts I have thoroughly enjoyed reading in the past week:

  • Righteous Orbs: a post in stories – Is it right to think that you don’t have the right to be offended, while the offender pretty much gets away with it?
  • Diabolical Minds: Saying Hello: Who Are Blog Authors? – I gave a little input to this post, and the overall message of “please feel free to join in the discussion if you have something to say!” is one I definitely agree with. I won’t bite!