Since rerolling I have been doing Wintergrasp whenever I remember to. The great thing about our server, and also the curse of it, is that Horde way outnumber the Alliance, who rarely win even with tenacity. So basically, show up, try to take vehicles, destroy towers, and defend from the 50k hp incoming Allies, and win. Trying to go for the 100 wins achievement has never been so easy. Though I heard yesterday that it’s going to be evened out, if only 10 Alliance join, then only 10 Horde can join. This basically means that if that goes through, it will be very rare for a Horde player on this server to even be able to enter Wintergrasp during the battle. It is fairer than tenacity, but with those kinds of numbers, and I’m not kidding, it’s a bit shit, and does make you realise the beauty of cross-server battlegrounds. I guess this is one great reason to find a nicely balanced Horde/Alliance PvE server closer to Cataclysm.

Anyway, as PvP goes, I’m very much using the stand back, tab dot, and disperse if Warriors happen to come near my face method of face melting and it’s working just fine. I’m upto 6k honorable kills, so only 4k away from my goal for this year, and I’m having a bit of fun. Of course, if I started spam queuing for battlegrounds I would get bored because people are fairly stupid. I’m bad, and even I can work out the basics, i.e. if you’re trying to cap a flag, you will need a base to take it to.

While checking for upgrades for my PvP set, of which I had a few pieces from when I was playing before, I found that my best cloak before raids is in fact the Wrathful cloak for 52k honor. 100 spellpower and 60 haste? Yes please! So I traded in my Stone Keeper’s Shards for honor and got to it.

It happened to be the Warsong Gulch weekend/call to arms/whatever, so I queued up for that. The first couple I tried consisted of an Alliance premade and the moment they’d capped their first flag the Horde deciding, “Oh, let’s give up and let them win.” Trouble is, I didn’t want to keep bumping into this attitude so I dropped out and came back the next day. We had another case of the Alliance getting the first flag and the Horde being all defeatist, but in the next one, I got to the flag, okay, might as well grab it and see if I can get Capture the Flag, oh look, I did! Thank you Disc Priest following me around and the Alliance not even touching me. Head back and nobody there but me and the Disc Priest, the rest of the raid seemed to be having a midfield battle so what the hell I’ll go again. Got it. Wow.. I wonder.. So I head back and notice the Priest head off to help some other Hordies, oh crap I’m screwed but wait, a Warrior is following me. I ran in, grabbed the flag for the third time, had 2 or 3 Horde following me, plus the Disc Priest came back. One Alliance tried to attack but was pretty much pummeled into the ground, ran into the base, no more resistance from the other side and.. Ironman! Woah. Was not expecting that.

So I’m feeling pretty happy that I got that one which I expected to struggle with, I suppose with several cooldowns a Shadow Priest is a reasonably decent flag carrier, but I get pretty terrified pinning the attention to my head. Might as well just carry a big “KILL ME! KILL ME!” sign and be done with it. Either way I got my cloak today but I’m going to keep PvPing a bit on the side. It’s quite enjoyable as a Shadow Priest.