A few nights ago, with it being the night before the reset, I took a leap and joined a pug to ICC 25. I haven’t pugged it before without knowing who was running it, so I was a little scared I was going to be kicked for low gearscore or low dps. The leader was asking for 5.5k gearscore and the achievement, I think I had 5.1k and no achievement to link, therefore I had to say “best gear I could get before ICC” and “have cleared all upto Syndragosa on my Hunter” and I managed to get in with that, I did fairly decent dps in there too. Grabbed a new belt and a new helm and I won the roll on the Conqueror mark too! Except that the raid leader looted it to himself and fake disconnected. Can’t complain too much, I also got the achievement for the first 4 bosses from this run.

However, I remembered at this point that there has been a slight change to the rules, ninja looting is now against the terms of service, classed as a scam, and heck, I’m damn happy with my upgrades but I won’t abide by people being selfish dicks, whether it’s me affected or somebody else. So I reported him. When I mentioned in raid chat I was doing so, there were a couple of responses, “Why bother? They won’t do anything!” “Ninja looting is a bannable offense now.” Which made me realise that this isn’t a widely known game rule yet.

It took 30 odd hours to receive a response to my ticket, and when I did the GM told me that the raid leader never stated the loot rules and therefore there is nothing they can do. Seems an odd way to instate a rule, if the raid leader never states the loot rules they can ninja all they want, which brings me onto what I’m trying to say.

The full article explaining Blizzard’s policy on ninja looting is posted here, and these are the important bits if you’re too lazy to click-through ;):

While some looting disputes may be a social faux pas and can tarnish a player’s reputation, they are not a violation of any in-game rule. Scams, however, are a violation, and may occasionally accompany a looting dispute.

In terms of loot, making and then breaking a clear in-game agreement on the way loot will be distributed by a Master Looter can be considered a scam… players who disregard the original agreement and then take (or give away) loot in a different way are potentially violating our Scam Policy. If you believe you have been scammed, please contact In-Game Support… Please note that if In-Game Support is able to determine a scam has taken place after a clear in-game loot distribution agreement is made, any items involved may be removed from their current owners.  In cases where a “rightful” owner can be proven, these items may also be transferred; however, loot will be left unassigned if a “rightful” owner cannot be identified.

If you join a pug and you don’t know the raid leader, ask them to explain the loot rules. If they don’t, ask again. If they refuse to tell the raid the loot rules, then it may be time to get out of there before you get yourself saved because if something does happen, there’s then nothing you can do. You’ll want them to state the rules on spec priority, armor priority, how things will be rolled for (raid rolls, 1-100), if anything is reserved, and if there’s something extra like a mount or Trophies, then ask how they will be distributed specifically. So long as the rules have been put out there, if anything is ninjad, then you can get them a temporary ban at least and it gives you chance to pug with a peace of mind.