So, you’re either on a PvP server, or you’re on a PvE server and you’ve just done a quest/activity (catching the towers in Terrokar, doing a battleground, etc.) and you’re flagged for PvP while out and about. Probably levelling, this is where you’ll have the most unfair disadvantage, though maybe dailies or catching up on a few quests. While you’re doing your thing, a big red name swoops down and stomps you into the floor, leaving nothing but a smoldering mess and your ghost standing over your corpse thinking, “Well, thanks, now I can’t do anything until you bugger off.” Or, “I’m relogging to my main!” Do you know what though? There are a couple of methods you can use to avoid being ganked.. to an extent.

I’ve been on a PvP server for most of my time playing WoW, and that’s about 3 or 4 years of being smooshed into a corpse. After that amount of time, you come to learn a few ways to avoid it. Now, this won’t always get rid of them, but occasionally you may be able to hide. You’re running around, you see a red name, probably higher level than you are and you run in the opposite direction hoping they haven’t seen you. They may be running past, in which case you dive into the nearest hedge (they have hedges in WoW, right?) and hope. Of course, if you’re able to, stealthing is always a great option for avoiding them. If you’re a Hunter, you can keep ‘Track Humanoids’ on, and keep an eye out for those red dots on your minimap, they’ll look a tiny bit different to regular hostile mobs. The best way is to just keep an eye out constantly and really pray that they don’t come near/bother you. Of course, sometimes they will leave you alone but a lot won’t. Avoiding places like Stranglethorn Vale which are not only places that both factions level/quest in a lot but are also renowned for much ganking is a great idea if your server is quite heavily populated and the ganking particularly annoys you, though it’s something you get used to. Basically, avoid being near the red names.

The “I’m logging my main” method, in my opinion, doesn’t often go well. I can log into my 80, go to the place where my alt’s corpse lies and find nothing, run around a little, and find nothing, and this seems to happen to me a lot so I gave up, but you never know, you might find them, and smooshing them into the dirt repeatedly MIGHT well be quite therapeutic!

“Well lol you shouldn’t roll on a pvp server noob lol” is not an answer. Yes, if you’re PvP flagged and an easy kill target, you will probably be ganked, this is inevitable. Remember though, there’s no harm in trying to fight back, even if they are a few levels higher, you never know how bad they are ­čśë