This topic seems to be spreading, except I don’t know why as it’s an age old feud. Warlocks and Mages don’t like each other. Mages are all, “You’re totally copying us.” And Warlocks are all, “Nuh-uh, we have demon pets!” And Mages are all, “Yeah well *points at water elemental*” Then Warlocks are all, “… lame asses, that isn’t a pet.” Then everybody punts the Gnomes, at least that’s what I’ve been lead to believe. You know who hasn’t been mentioned once? The Shadow Priests. That’s right, because they know that they are the cooler clothy.

Deep down I love casters. I always have. When I first started playing WoW, it was my very first game really, and I wanted to be one of the magic users, the fact that Warlocks had pets won me over in the beginning, but after a few months I realised I’d made a mistake, I didn’t like my Warlock and I wanted to roll a Priest so roll a Priest I did. Of course, these days with my Warlock being a race I’m more comfortable with, a name I’m accustomed to, and the playstyle has improved a lot since I was playing, I do enjoy Warlock quite a lot. I’ve never got a Mage past 41, in all of my altoholic years of playing WoW. Then there’s Shadow Priest, the one I played for almost all of TBC and a big chunk of Wrath, she’s collected a bunch of pets and mounts and titles that I struggle with on Fae and I’m still quite attached to her.

Last night, I was feeling ill, which always knocks my concentration, so I logged my priest to help Dan find a few rares for Frostbitten, that’s a nice simple task (we found 2, Loque’nahak and the vrykul woman in Grizzly Hills). After, as I’d been planning to anyway seeing as this year my Priest gets her 3rd pets for Azeroth and Outland, I decided to do the Children’s Week quests.

While I was running around, it felt familiar, especially since I changed her hair back to the way it was pre-barber shops. This was the character I played for almost the entire of TBC. I’ve collected a lot of things on her, including a few things Fae will never get (Hand of A’dal, Red Clockwork Bot, a few mounts and pets that are difficult to get). And if things go wrong? I can heal! Yes, she’s almost always been Shadow, with either a healy offspec, or a Shadow PvP offspec. I thought perhaps I could try and squeeze a bit of gear, after all her gear is still reasonably low and Tier 10 is pretty.. so I created a gear list of drops from Sartharion, Ulduar 10, TotC 10, TotC 25, Onyxia 25, and of course, Emblems of Frost. A couple of craftables too, just to get her gear up so hopefully pugs’ll let me in. Of course, I don’t want to reroll I’ve only just transferred my Hunter over to Alliance on Terenas but it’s nice playing a character I was so attached to after so long.