So, I’ve rerolled from Hunter to Priest as I mentioned in my last post, this means that I can no longer class myself as a Hunter blog so update your bookmarks if you have me listed as that. General WoW is probably the most precise, or Shadow Priest, or alts and levelling. Any of those should fit. Anyway, I can assume a lot of you might not know much about my Priest, if anything at all as I haven’t really blogged about her, so I thought I should introduce her properly.

You’ve met her before, briefly, of course so I don’t need to go into too much detail about where she came from, just that she is a Blood Elf through and through. I’ve gone over the idea of race changes and faction changes in my head and the personality she appears to have developed during my idling outside the Aldor bank time and my attachment to her simply wouldn’t suit any other race but Blood Elf. She feels that she is superior to others, basically. I suppose defeating Kael’thas, Lady Vashj, Illidan and Archimonde would do that to you.

Of course, I was always an achievement whore, avid pet collector, cool mount .. gainer on this character in the past and she has acquired a fair few titles too, so luckily she’s only a tiny bit behind Fae. I particularly love that she is both a Hand of A’dal and a Champion of the Naaru. The titles given for doing both the Black Temple and Mount Hyjal attunement to kill Kael’thas and Vashj and a bunch of other stuff, and the Serpentshrine Cavern and Tempest Keep attunement to complete 3 or 4 heroics and finally Magtheridon. I did the latter later on when heroics weren’t so impossible, it was easy when I got it, but I’m glad I did.

At 70, my first guild did Karazhan, Gruul, Magtheridon, the easy bosses in TK and SSC, and after a couple of months of being there it died. I stuck around for a while because I was pretty happy there, I’d met Dan and had a few laughs, we did Zul’Aman when that was released but after a while I wanted to try raiding a bit more. Both me and Dan applied to one guild, they were full on Shadow Priests at this point but Dan got in as a social, and he got into a few raids when he was needed. I applied to another guild who were raiding TK and SSC and I got in. I liked it there, it was calm, they did quite well in raids, we cleared everything except Kael before a spot opened up in the first guild and I left to play with Dan. They got me attuned and then I was a BT and MH raider. I absolutely loved progressing on Bloodboil, Essence of Souls (or the ‘big face dude’ as I preferred to call him), Mother Shahraz, and so on. The only thing that annoyed me, really, was the time my net went down for a few weeks and I missed the first kill of Illidan, but I got it when I came back and that was an awesome fight. We started doing Sunwell after Illidan had been on farm for a while and the trash was hard, it took over an hour to get to Kalecgos, the first boss, if I remember correctly and I did see him go down. I think that was the most anti climatic kill I’ve ever seen, “Is he dead.. have we wiped? Oh he’s dead! Yay!” I missed Brutallus to go help a few friends on my Paladin for a while (also the reason I don’t have the Spirit of Competition), which I do regret because that was a less than fun time.

I started Wrath on my Hunter but rerolled to my Priest in January after a bad experience. Joined a newly started guild with a few people I knew and we got a lot done. We got to the point where we would clear Naxx 25, Malygos 25, and still have some time for Sarth 3D 25 tries by the end of the night, and I think that only took us 3 weeks. It was fun though, there was an atmosphere in the guild of friends rather than hardcore raiders, and I enjoyed that. Until Ulduar hit and they tried to hardcore it. They want to raid from 1 in the afternoon until 10 or 11 at night and I just wasn’t having that. Ulduar was fun for the first day but after that I couldn’t enjoy it because it had been ruined and this led to me quitting raiding and leaving my Priest in the dust.

On the PvP front, my Priest is the character I have been most active on. Though, more so in TBC. Shadow Priests were very underpowered in PvP then but I didn’t care, I tried anyway. As hard as it was, when I really got into it I enjoyed it. I did a little arena with another Shadow Priest and a Holy Priest because they wanted to do Priest 3v3, also did a little 2v2 with one of them, though I didn’t last long, I never felt like it.

In Wrath I was focusing more on catching up with Fae on achievement points and being ready to raid. I did a little PvP, especially when they introduced Psychic Horror which I fell in love with, but not very much.

Currently, I’m having to pug any raids I want to do, with my gear being “below 5k gearscore” (sigh) I have been struggling to find Icecrown groups though I’m almost there with everything I can get pre-raid, I just need the Nevermelting Ice Crystal and the Wrathful cloak, 10k honour to go, and then I’m really going to push for raids. Of course doing the weekly, both VoAs, and a random plus Pit of Saron every day. I’m PvPing a bit as well, using the stand in the back and dot everyone up method because I’m not very skilled and often forget to use fear, but I do remember to Disperse when I’m being punched in the face!

My talents are a bit strange at the moment as I’ve tried to create a bit of a mix. I’ve taken 2 points in Focused Mind purely for heroics, to reduce the mana cost of Mind Sear, and I’ve taken Psychic Horror because in PvP, I aim to annoy.

I suppose my goals will now change a little, though not by much. I did start Loremaster when I played her before and I’m currently just 70 quests in Kalimdor away from getting it, so when I feel like it I will push for that. I also have the Eye in my bank, ready to do the quest for Benediction/Anathena when I remember to.

All in all, this is the character with the most history, the best memories (I have a lot of bad ones on Fae), and it just feels like a comfortable pair of slippers.