I know I’ve said already that I’d appreciate people being careful with spoilers, I’m cool knowing mechanics, new talents, class abilities, racials, boss abilities (but nothing else about the boss), new awesome sounding Hunter pets like the Rhino back in Wrath beta, things like that which wouldn’t exactly ruin my game play, in fact it’d help a bit knowing these things in advance giving it some time to sink in. The things I’m trying to avoid are the kind of thing you find and go “Ooh that’s interesting” small things you stumble upon like.. the sewer crocodile, for example, not game breaking but nice to find. Screenshots of things, ANYTHING, I don’t want to see a thing. Not a sausage. Hints about quests, lore, side lore, anything like that.

If you use your titles to say that the post contains Cataclysm spoilers about something, let’s say spoilers about the Goblin starting zone, and also includes screenshots, then perhaps something like, “Cataclysm: Goblin Starting Zone (screenshots).” Shaman class mechanics perhaps, “Cata: New Elemental spell#3.” Just an example anyway, but if you did that, I’d love you to bits. It would give enough information in the title about the post without giving anything away and allowing those of us who don’t want to read/see to move away.

This is how I enjoy expansions, seeing new things for the first time, it’s exciting, and I know I’m not alone in that. In fact, even though I don’t want to know or see these things, I’m still excited because knowing that there is stuff to avoid means that we’re getting closer to the expansion! From today, in light of the leaked images and stuff, I will be making myself a “Cata Safe” folder in my reader, for those of you who I know will respect people’s wishes and at least make it loud and clear that you’re writing about spoilers, I’m cool to keep reading you guys. If you, or anybody you know, are planning to do this, please, please let me know so that I can add you to this folder. Also, I will have to avoid wow.com for the time being, popped on yesterday only to find the ‘Cataclysm Screenshot of the Day’ in the sidebar, it’s difficult to avoid seeing that.

Good luck on your beta keys! 😀